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How many days of rest does everyone give between muscle groups while working out?

Asked by mowens (8397points) July 3rd, 2009

and why?

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When I actually workout, I do so every week day. But I mostly only do cardio. Back when I was an athlete, we had 1 maybe 2 days to rest on the weekends.

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3678 and counting.

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It’s safe to work out everyday, as long as you are switching up muscle groups.

Be sure to equally train cardio, flexibility and weight training – you don’t want to get injured.

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I give one day

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@gooch yes i agree…i’m not hugely into this but when i try to develop some area i always allow a day off, maybe 2, before returning…you notice the difference if you allow a break…but i’m no expert!.....

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I misread the question (because I’m a dolt).

As they said, one day.

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