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Finance and economics major, how has your course helped you be an asset in a company you are working for?

Asked by unodos (132points) July 4th, 2009

I need to improve my english. how does learning economics and finance helped to be a good worker if you are entering a bank, company, marketing company and other big corporations

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Both of these courses help teach you what to watch for, how to better predict upcoming events, how to understand current financial events, etc. They give you a big picture view of the financial world and economic states. Not sure if you are currently taking micro or macro economics, but I found both to be quite helpful. That said, your ability to apply all that theory to the real world is what actually makes the learning valuable. If you try to function in the real world straight out of a textbook, you are sure to fail. You have to be able to combine the text book knowledge with the specifics of your own company’s situation, the variables that exist in your business environment, and synthesize all of that information together to make well informed decisions.

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During my time as an economics major (I was a semester away from a business degree with a specialization in economics) I’m pretty confident I learned nothing that would help me be an asset to any company. My biggest problem with the study of economics – and one of the reasons I eventually changed majors – was that it was all purely academic. They went into this incredibly minute detail with stuff that had absolutely no real world value. I even told this to a professor once and remarkably he agreed!

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Economics has little value unless you’re the best at it. It’s one of those fileds. There are so many, if you can’t be in that top 2 percent, a company can replace you pretty easily. I took portfolio modeling and asset valuation outside of college to increase my worth to a company and that has gotten me much further than anything specifically economic related.

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As an Econ Major, I have found my education to be essential in running my own businesses. I’ve changed careers four times, all at oppertune times because of the fore-sight abilities my education/field of studies has provided.
Not only have I had the confidence to create business oppertunities based on what I saw as market trends, I also knew when to get out.
Now, THAT is an asset to a company.

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An economics major should be quite adept at applying math to problems in other fields where math is far more useful than it is in economics. I am sure that some companies need math problems solved. It is also useful in the physical sciences.
Using it in a social science like they do is very funny. Have you read the New Your times comic Paul K. He tells fantastic fairy tales.

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I won’t help you filling an application questionnaire mate.
Here’s a Jungle.

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