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'Shortcut' tab missing from shortcut properties. How do I get it back?

Asked by skorned (97points) July 4th, 2009

Hey. You know when you right click on a desktop shortcut on Vista and go to its properties, it shows a shortcut tab, or someplace with a ‘target’ option, where you can change which file the shortcut points to? I don’t get that option when I go to the properties of my shortcut files on my Vista Ultimate PC. Any clue why? maybe some registry corruption or something? I only have the ‘General’, ‘Compatibility’, ‘Security’, ‘Details’ and ‘Previous Versions’ tabs, and there is no target option in general. Pleease help…

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It’s vista, end of story.

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lol ya…i’m planning on reinstalling the OS this week, and maybe I might ‘upgrade’ to xp, since i’m too impatient for the stable Win 7 to release…

but ya, i was kinda hoping for a more productive and helpful answer than that! anyone??

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