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Restaurant workers: What is the best way to clean your flat top?

Asked by simone54 (7629points) July 4th, 2009

I have a flat top on my line (a griddle) and I need to clean it every night now. I scrape it, put oil down, then scrub it with grilled brick, then scrap it again. It doesn’t get clean enough. When we had cleaning crew, they got it back to silver ever time. How does one achieve this?

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1) Turn griddle on to medium heat.
2) Combine white vinegar & H2O (1 Jug).
3) Pour on to griddle and let steam “lift” heavy debris and
4) Pour canola oil on griddle and use clean grill brick
until a mirror finish is achieved
5) Use a bench dough scraper to remove dirty oil
6) Repeat steps 2–5 if needed.

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Who is your cleaning chemical company? They should have products for cleaning your flat top. If they don’t let me know and I will suggest a company in your area that handles my line of products.

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I agree with tyrantxseries. I worked at a restaurant in high school and that was pretty much my same method.

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Ditto on the above steps, we never used chems on the flat gril just water vinegar 3m scrubby and hard work.

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@tyrantxseries Thanks, I did that tonight and it worked great.

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