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Seriously though, when are we going to sort this World out and how are We going to do it?

Asked by lloydbird (8730points) July 4th, 2009

Earlier today, the question was asked,on this site -” Is Fluther becoming just another Q+A site?”, well I don’t know about any q+a sites, but , for what its worth, I’m very impressed and encouraged by this site’s potential and history. There seems to me to be some seriously potent individuals operating here, So what say ye, how shall we do this?How shall this world be made to be a good place for all of us to be in?

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1. We have to assume that the time and talents of others are worthy of equal respect to our own.

2. We have to feel the need for more parity in terms of at least basic access to food and resources.

3. We have to firmly believe that violence should be used only as a last resort.

4. We have to respect the cultures and faith of others and accept that they are entitled to practice them as long as they do not aggress on anyone else.

5. We have to look for our commonalities as humans rather than fearing our differences.

6. We have to treat the Earth like it’s the only planet we have—since it is.

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I don’t think that is a worthy goal. We need to learn to be responsible for our own actions, and everything else will fall into place.

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@YARNLADY What is not a “worthy goal”? (With respect).

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to “sort out this world” is not our job. To accept responsibility for our OWN behavior is.

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@YARNLADY But isn’t this world our world? Whose job other than ‘Our’s’ can it be?

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@lloydbird No, humans are in the minority on this world, and if they all disappeared tomorrow, it would still get along just fine.

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Yes but, We are not going to(disappear). And the World will get on fine with Us on it, don’t ya think?

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Only if everyone is willing to cooperate will the world change and since there are some selfish people out there it’ll take even longer.

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This is one instance where I am in complete agreement with Yarnlady. The only one any person can “sort out” is themselves.

Most don’t like that concept because it is a lot easier to sit back and say “we” have to do this and “they” have to do this. It is a difficult task to say “I” am not going to contribute to polluting this planet anymore. So I won’t shop at supermarkets anymore, instead shop where I can say don’t wrap my meat in a plastic tray and plastic wrap with a plastic backed pad to soak up the blood. I will shop at local markets where the produce is not wrapped in plastic. I have to stop using disposable diapers because they are easier.

I have to start treating all people with dignity and respect and instead of legislating that they do the same to me, let them learn by my example.

The USA is not the god of the world, it doesn’t have to impose its way of governing and thinking on the rest, not all agree that the American way is the only way and that is their privelege.

I am trying to do my part as best I can, everyone must do this and then the world will sort itself out.

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In partial answer to this question, I would say
“Don’t worry because all will be well”
But lets see what goes on here.

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@YARNLADY; that argument is academic, and I think you know it. I would imagine that most all off us are happiest knowing that other people have the chance to be happy as well, and that means fixing what problems you can to help those who can’t, even if it is they and not you who suffer.

As I argued here, the way to help combat starvation, poverty, violence, and all of the other ills that plague all nations, most especially those of the third and second worlds, cannot simply be to send resources (and, by a similar argument, peacekeeping forces) as a quick fix. The only viable solution is to support the development of stable and active economies throughout the world. For this to really work requires action on the part of national governments. But individuals can help too. People working in finance can invest in the industries and individuals that are trying to establish themselves, and would but for lack of funds; they won’t get as big a pay-off as they would investing in big oil, but they will have transformed the lives of countless craftsmen, workers and farmers. Educators can teach people the skills they need to enter the workforce on fair terms. I am studying to become an engineer, and I will be able to design affordable technologies for those that need them: computers, power sources, desalinators, or vehicles. Not as lucrative as Porsches or weapons systems, but a whole lot more valuable, don’t you think? So, no, we should not go in and force our world view on everyone else. But neither should we fail to do what good we can for those that need it.

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Screw it. Me and everyone reading this’ll be dead before this world sorts it’s shit out, just enjoy it while you can. Get high!

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Utopia! Oooh, that’s easy all we have to do is…

1. stop slapping mother nature in the face
2. stop all intolerance
3. stop relying on others to fix our problems
4. stop interfering with others’ problems
5. stop limiting, conforming, molding, and corrupting our minds- especially those of our kids- with bullshit rules and superficial goals.

Unfortunately, once faced with the slightest sacrifice, most people would rather go to hell than attempt to “fix” the world.

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@ubersiren Are you married? Just a wild guess?

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To qualify, look at the “sad ” avatar!!!

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@lloydbird : I’m not quite getting what you’re getting at here. Also, try to “edit” your answers and keep them all in one answer rather than having 3 submissions by @lloydbird in a row. It’s just neater and easier to read that way.

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We are all working to sort the world out; we have been doing it for thousands of years. If you’re asking when we will be done, the answer is probably never.

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First I want to say that I am very hopeful that there will be a great time of peace. How to get to peace on earth is a big question.

I believe in “pay it forward” and like to think that the more “good” each person does the more “good” will be done. I also think the more we know each other the less we will have “us” and “them” thinking. It is easy to hate and be afraid of people/groups/races/religions if you do not know people from that group, so there needs to be an effort to understand each other.

I think the hardest obstacles are countries like North Korea that are such closed societies there is little knowledge of the outside world by its citizens.

The sarcastic answer is that when the aliens land all of earth will unite.

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In this possible sorted out world, do we humans figure at all in it?

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That will not happen until what John Galt said under extreme torture happens. “Get the Hell out of my way”. If I have that quote wrong it still says exactly what I mean.

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the biggest problem is that people tend to underestimate the weight of the results of their own actions on others. if each person would take responsibility for their individual actions – if they would just consider the damage it can do to others – the world as a whole would improve exponentially.

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I don’t think it’s unreasonable to imagine that the world can be a better place by each individual living an honest and productive life to the best of their abilities and doing whatever they can to make improvements that they feel are significant. Unfortunately, I think it is very difficult to realistically expect this to come to pass even though so many of us would like it to.

We live on a planet inhabited by over 6 billion individuals and when you consider all the different cultures, ethnicities, races, customs, political and religious leanings, and divergent thoughts, attitudes and actions on so many issues, you can’t seriously expect to ever find a happy medium or a common peace among all of that. History has demonstrated this time and again throughout our lives.

Some people have already mentioned some of these thoughts and I will reiterate them because I believe in them as a proactive approach to leading a healthy life and wanting a better world. Take care of you and yours first, do your level best to make a positive difference in the world around you, never lose hope that good will prevail over evil, respect the environment and Mother Nature, be thankful for everything you have and don’t take it for granted, and be willing to be open minded about so many unknowns and uncertainties that all of us face each and every day of our lives.

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I tried to answer this question for myself, a while ago,and this is where I came up with:

1) I resolve on wanting to make this world a better place;
2) I visualize my understanding of what would be different about this better world from the current one;
3) I think about ethics and continuously look for ways to incorporate them into my daily routine;
4) I actively reduce my ecological footprint;
5) I look for ways to help other people;
6) I realize that before nationality, gender, religion, ethnicity, age, ability and race, we share one common trait: we are all human beings sharing one world.
6) when people are open to the realization that they also impact the world and could improve the way they do that, I will shy from bringing up the topic. I share the message.

Last and most important:
* try to lead by example and when fail try again
* I have gotten politically engaged (I have always voted and will always do.)
* I will raise my children well (or die trying)

There are probably better answers possible, but this is the way I answered this question for myself. (And I am always looking for better answers. Thanks for this question!!!!)

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@ubersiren Sincere apologies for my two consecutive comments after your response to this question. They were ill conceived, pointless and now somewhat embarrassing. My only possible excuse is that they were said at the back end of the evening and at the back end of a bottle and a bit of wine!. I think they were also prompted by what I thought to be defeatist cynicism in your answer, but this I admit is no excuse. Again, I apologise.

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How many light bulbs does it take to change a human?

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@tiffyandthewall Not taking care of themselves and their people being the biggest problem of all. If people did that before they took care of strangers there would be few strangers needing help.

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@walterallenhaxton Man is not the best equipped animal when it comes to survival on his (her) own.

It is only in cooperation we shine and outcompete other species. :-)

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@whitenoise ” cooperation we shine..” Very well put. I completely agree with you on this. Because the world societies are basically inclined on competitive principles, we are
in the unenviable position of possibly competing ourselves out of existence. Yet by cooperating, the possibilities are perhaps limitless.

In answer to the question at the head of this thread, I would say with regard to “when”: Just as soon as enough of us start believing in the possibility that the task is achievable.
Just as soon as enough of us choose to act in positive ways (both on a personal and collective level) to bring about the desired goal. There is ample common sense and wisdom in the optimistic responses in this thread alone to guide the way, if we so choose, and that is just one thread on this subject!

With regard to the “how”: Because such a task would of necessity need to be based on ‘cooperative’ principles, it would need for it to be made clear that such principles could and would be to the benefit of all.
If we work on the assumption that an unfortunate and very damaging by-product of competitive socio-economic behaviour is that not only ‘fair’ means are employed to gain advantage, but also ‘foul’ means, then it can also be assumed that a, perhaps large, number of influential and powerful groups and individuals fear the consequences of any ‘foul’ means that they have, employed becoming exposed. This being so, and for practicality’s sake, it would make good sense to develop what might be called ‘Incentivizing Initiatives’ along the lines of amnesties (Perhaps Amnesty International could live up to it’s name and organise such a campaign).
Fear of retribution and loss of material gain on the behalf of the powerful is perhaps the biggest obstacle to a world of peace coming to be. Well, imagine what could be achieved if that fear was no longer there. So establishing and supporting mutually beneficial and encouraging initiatives would be a good, practical starting point to achieving the “how” of the question.

Finally, and importantly, we need to establish (re-establish) and support ‘Cooperative’ business practices. ‘Win Win’ not ‘Win Lose’.

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We will sort it out. You just might not like the results.

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@ChazMaz There is no YOU that is not included in the WE in question :-)

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