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Is there anything that you've been putting off doing that could really change your life (for the better)

Asked by Jude (32198points) July 5th, 2009

If so, what is it? And, what’s stopping you from doing it?

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A colonoscopy my doctor wants me to have. I’m chicken when it comes to medical procedures.

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Getting a rigorous exersize routine started – and my exhaustion is stopping me from doing it – I recently had a baby, have a toddler to boot, started a new job, am looking for permanent work, healing my broken leg and am remodeling our apartment – I don’t have time to eat, let alone exersize but I am working on it

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Of course. That is part of life, isn’t it?

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Losing weight. If I shed about fifty pounds, it will help my diabetes greatly. In the past two years, I’ve done well in changing my diet, and I’m pretty active at my new-ish job, but I really need to exercise.

Unfortunately, I really hate exercise.

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More than one I am sure. Not enough hours in the day, or days in a week, or weeks in a year. That’s my excuse.

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Telling my parents the truth about some things. I haven’t done it yet because it’s one of those “things will get a whole heck of a lot worse before they get better” kind of things.

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Exercising and losing weight. I have been making half-hearted attempts and actually dodging it for years. But starting next week I am going to make a change for the better. And come fall I plan to begin following a real program. It isn’t too late.

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Many things, but your question has just spurred me to take the initiative, thanks for that. A reminder from a fellow Flutherite can be powerful, I think. That is why I read all questions..

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I’d echo @cprevite on this one. I actually am about 160# above my ideal weight, and I too am diabetic. But the bigger you get, the harder it is to get started. It’s such a big undertaking that just starting one small step at a time does NOTHING, and that’s so discouraging to know that I have to throw myself full force into a dramatic life change that I don’t feel mentally prepared to be as miserable as I know this is going to make me for as long as I know it’s going to make me miserable.

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@Jeruba you and me then, together

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There’s this relationship from my past that needs closure. I’m really tired of being haunted by it. I’ve recently found a way to get in touch with an “ex” but have not done so. And I need to but can’t just yet…I dunno. It’s crazy. Maybe I don’t know what to tell him/ask him – or where to start…maybe I’m not prepared to hear what he has to say…maybe I don’t want to let him know how much he has hurt me…and that I loved him a lot…maybe I’m just plain scared. A lot of maybes here…

I’ve heard that he tried looking for me as well – he probably wanted to do the same – but I’ve moved to another country and there was no way for him to know where I was.

I know some would say that there are other ways to get closure from a past relationship. I’m also aware of that. It’s just that with this one, the only way to go is by talking about certain issues. Long story. Sigh.

Do you think Dr. Phil will have me? =)

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@Hambayuti, I sympathize with your need to have some final things asked and answered. I did that myself once, a year later. But are you very sure you aren’t better off just leaving this one where it is and moving on? There are some things we can’t really ever know the answer to, and we have to learn to live with that.

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@Jeruba – Thanks. If it was just me involved then I would have gotten over it the minute it was over but this involves my son as well. I really don’t mind if I don’t get my questions answered or if I don’t get my message across. Yes, I think I could live with that. It’s mainly just that I have to talk to this other person for my son but I’m still putting it off for some reason.

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I was putting off exercising but I’ve started with that last week. Walking a mile every other day helps ease my nervous energy I’ve been having lately. But I am putting off a vacation that I’ve been needing for 2 years. I can’t afford to go on one right now but it would sure help me get my thoughts togther and plans of action written down so I’d have a roadmap of what I want to accomplish. The arrangements I would have to make for my kids, the house, husband, would be like pulling teeth for me. Someday I’ll go.

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