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Im trying to convert some dvd's to transfer them to my ipod but it shows me this in handbrake program Please download and install VLC media player in your /Applications folder if you wish to read encrypted DVDs.

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) July 5th, 2009

I did it but i dont know that else to do, is there any other program that can help me better?

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You can use RipIt to break the encrypt and then add those videos to handbrake to reduce the size…

What to do, though, is try and do the same thing you did before, just with VLC in that folder. It should work then.

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@dverhey but i dont know how to put VLC in what folder? how?

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In your applications folder. Drag it off the .dmg into your applications folder. Where handbrake is likely kept.

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google the phrase “rip dvd’s using vlc” you will find a step by step

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All you have to do is download VLC and install it by dragging it to the applications folder. Download it here.

It’s free. Just click on download, then open the .DMG file that you downloaded, and drag it to the applications folder. Then you can use Handbrake and it won’t give you the error.

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Thanks everyone, i did it!!!

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