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How long after an abortion do you get your normal period?

Asked by Roughdraft76 (219points) July 5th, 2009

My sister-in-law had an abortion on April 26th and has yet to receive her regular monthly period. She has been to the Dr about 6 weeks after the abortion to be put on birth control and he said everything is fine.

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If your sister in law is concerned she should get a second opinion.
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I’ve never had an abortion but I’m betting like with anything it depends on the person. I’ve had a miscarriage, thought, and I got my period within a month and a half of it

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It can happen right on time at 28 days or it can be delayed. I’d trust her doctor’s opinion, that is why you are him.

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After giving birth it takes four to ten weeks to get back to normal if you are not breastfeeding. It also takes about the same length of time to get back on cycle after a miscarriage. Since an abortion is in essence an induced miscarriage, I would suspect that it would take four to ten weeks for your body to get back to normal.

One source says that if it has been 12 weeks after a miscarriage and your period has not resumed, it is time to talk to the doctor. In other words, your SIL probably needs to wait a bit longer before worrying. She needs to give her body time to realize it is no longer pregnant.

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Her body and hormones may be out of whack. I wouldn’t stress too much, but once she hits that 12 week mark, she needs to see a doctor..possibly a different one.

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After I had mine done, I didn’t get it for like 2 months or so.

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