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Is The Honeymoon Over?

Asked by Dog (25132points) July 5th, 2009

While wondering about our own Fluther-couple extraordinaire and how the married life is treating them it occured to me that 10 years later I am still in the honeymoon phase with my spouse.

So here is my question to all flutherites:

Is your own honeymoon over or just begun?

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It hasn’t ever really ended, although we did come home from Hawaii about twenty years ago and now have children, dogs and cats.

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We’ve moved to a new level, one that seems to be more emotional and much more connected than the previous years. It’s getting better and better, all the time. No complaints here! :)

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We’re still very much in love. 8 years in September.

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Long gone. You can’t maintain the honeymoon thru the many crisis we’ve gone thru.
But, that said, I love my wife more now than when we married. She is the light of my life.
25 years next month.

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uh, dont get me started on this one. i’m in a marriage rut that could use a honeymoon.

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@filmfann congrats on 25 years

Honeymoons are over-rated. My wife and I have settled into a comfortable phase where we have enough to satisfy us and we know each other as well as we know ourselves. Comfort is always better than passion, because passion dies away after awhile. Like filmfann said, after you have been through a few dozen crises, the honeymoon is over. But just because the honeymoon is over, that doesn’t mean the marriage is done for.

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I suppose I should have made a better definition of “Honeymoon”

Lets use this one:

Honeymoon: “That you are still in love and still see the best in your significant other”

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For our real honeymoon, we went camping at a festival. It was horribly hot, torture to walk anywhere, humid as all heck, and generally miserable. We decided that we deserved a better honeymoon than that, so we sort of “extended” it afterwards by agreement, even though it was back to real life and work and stuff. So, we’ve never actually ended it, and we joke now and then about being on the ___ number of years honeymoon.

Seriously, though, the shiny has worn off a bit, like it will after you see them doing laundry, farting, and disagreeing with each other now and again. But most of the time, we’re giddy like teenagers. :) We still hold hands when we walk along, and cuddle at night. So yeah, it’s pretty sickeningly happy sometimes.

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We haven’t even been married an entire year, and it seems we’ve had more thrown at us than we should, we should have been married for twenty years for what we’ve had to deal with together. I think it’s made us a stronger couple, it makes us tackle large family problems together at full speed. We have to work at a team or we start to crumble. It’s hard, and tiring sometimes, but we want to make it so we work for it. We’re still happy as we were the day we got married.

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Oh, probably. After 32 years together, it can’t be like a new romance. But there are still surprises, every week if not every day, and moments of great tenderness and joy. There is also deep comfort in so much knowing. I also think we’ve worn out most of the things we used to fight about. And yes, we’re still in love, but not in a starry-eyed sort of way. We say “I love you” every single night.

And I can tell you this: the parts that you need most for the long term, besides strength and trust and the ability to hold on, are not chemistry and excitement but good conversation and humor. As long as our brains hold out, I know those will work even when the rest doesn’t.

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If you marry the right person, the honeymoon is never over.

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Well, Sherry’s and my honeymoon actually started five years ago and I am looking for it to go on for eternity, or so. The wedding was merely a formality (she wanted to make an honest man out of me). See ya….wtf

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I disagree. I think the “honeymoon” that many people refer to is an infatuation stage. It’s normal to feel but it’s not supposed to last. Actually, they did some studies on the human brain and found that it’s impossible for someone to have that COMPLETE consuming love-dovey stage for more than 2 years.

Being in love is totally different. It’s about appreciating someone and enjoying time with them. You don’t have to be infatuated to do that.

I never stay infatuated for more than a month. There are more important things in my life than romance. My boyfriend and I are celebrating our first full year together. The infatuation has LONG since worn off but we are still very happy, are in love, and make time for each other. I no longer get butterflies when I am with him but I love him dearly and love being with him.

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He left for the ‘Stan a month and a half after we got married, and we have most definitely not been of “honeymoon mode for the last 9 months. However, I’m hoping to kick back into it come September.

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It’s a new marriage every day. I mean that in a good way. :D

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@augustlan awww that is so cute and so great for you two!

Personally, my honeymoon phase has just begun! I love the feeling of a new relationship – when everything gives you butterflies, you’re learning all about each other, experiencing familiar circumstances and activities with a new person… it just makes everything feel like the first time.

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Our honeymoon comes and goes. We’ve only been married 2 1/2 years. It seems like we’re always fighting some battle together,(not against each other). We’re always in need of a babysitter and date night. When we actually get alone time, I feel giddy all over again.

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@shipwrecks Welcome to Fluther.

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The honeymoon may be over, but the spark still lives.

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19 years and the love bubble still floats!

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Oh man my honeymoon is in 2 months!

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