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How to find a case for iPhone 1st generation?

Asked by evitalu (4points) July 6th, 2009

I have an iPhone (1st generation) and I plan to buy a case for it. But when I search on the internet, there is hardly to find the suitable case for it, for the iPhone 3G S is in the full swing. All that I can find is the case for 3G S, anybody have some idea where can I find a case for my iPhone 1st generation?

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The phones are relatively similar sized. Would a 3G case not work for a 1G iphone?

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I have an iPhone 1st gen case and it definitely does not fit on my iPhone 3G S, so I doubt a case for the 3G would fit a first generation iPhone. I’d suggest you look at Vaja cases—I think they still carry first gen iPhone cases. They’re well made—in fact, if I could get mine to fit my iPhone 3G S I’d be very happy. Apple still carries a few first gen iPhone cases (at least the Apple stores do). You might also try iFrogz and Amazon.

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Oh wow, I just got an iPhone 1G to play with and you’re right, there are like no cases out there.

I got mine from eBay so that may be your best bet. Many are in good condition and pretty cheap so it’s a good deal.

Make sure to put on a screen protector too!

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a whole lot of cheap deals on there

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you can buy it on ebay or search it via google .
Good luck

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