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Have you ever gone through withdrawl?

Asked by Facade (22884points) July 6th, 2009

What was it from?
How did you deal with it?

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Nicotine. I dealt with it by chewing Big Red cinnamon chewing gum.
I got tired of spending that much money on something that made my throat feel bad.

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Caffeine. Was ridiculously tired, and a cranky bitch. I slept a lot.

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Every time this site goes down.

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Prednisone. I didn’t really do anything specific to deal with it. I just tried to minimize it by stepping down super-slowly. I guess I also spent a lot of time curled up on the couch with a book kind of wallowing.

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I was addicted when I was 14 in a VERY unhealthy way due to some other issues going on, nothing more to be said. My parents removed me TOTALLY from internet for 6+ months and yeah I just languished…until I realized that life isn’t so bad. Antidepressants also helped too. Now internet has a healthy role in my life and I never surf while I work.

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I’m on a pretty powerful ADD medication. If I don’t time taking my pills exactly right, I can get withdrawal symptoms daily.

I get super tired really quickly (I can go from totally awake to falling asleep standing up in half an hour) and get very cold and really bad shivers no matter what temperature it is. I’m trying to remember to not let it happen, but if I’m up later than planned, I can’t control it. I keep a heavy sweater in my car, and just deal with it.

I’m on a low dose… it’s scary to think that real addicts go through what I go through but in a much grander scale.

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Caffiene—headache and fell asleep everywhere, even looked like shit. Oh, and facebook, I am addicted to crackbook…um facebook.

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I get along with my Texas drawl just fine.

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Painkillers when I was 15. It was a week of suckishness, but then it was ok. I think I wasn’t super addicted or it would have been much worse. Nicotine… I was murderous for about a week. How did I deal with it? Unsuccessfully… I still smoke like a chimney. :(

These days, if I’m without certain of my Rx meds for more than a day I get terrible withdrawal. There is nothing for it but to get the medicine back in my system.

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Tobacco. Went from 1.5 packs a day to 0 without any patches or pills (no such thing in 1980). It was rough and took several attempts. Once I got past the 3 day hurdle, I knew I had it beat, but the grip that stuff had on me was really hard to break. I can’t believe anything that addictive is still legal.

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It took a few tries to find the correct medication for me, so I would sometimes be on one with no results then have to go off of it! I couldn’t believe what I felt, the leg cramps, sweats, chills, madness! After a year or so they found the right meds.

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Prescription pain meds, nicotine, sugar. After 5yrs of progressively stronger meds and no relief, I broke down and tried acupuncture which helped with pain but also made the withdrawal from meds more bearable but it took several months of twice weekly visits before I could get down to once a month and now, years later, about twice a year. Quitting sugar was an emotional freakout for about a month and then I felt better than I had in a very long time and wish I’d done it a long time ago. Nicotine remains my vice, I quit for a few years then start again, quit and start. Blah.

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Regularly. I don’t want any more kids.

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