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Where in the spectrum from mourning to pedopalooza are your feelings about Michael Jackson's memorial?

Asked by avalmez (1614points) July 7th, 2009

I’m watching MJ’s memorial live and am struck by the mixed feelings I have about MJ and my watching this thing live. The man was talented no doubt, but clearly it’s difficult to focus only on his musical genius and musical legacy when you reflect on the guy. How do you find yourself reacting to the person, his passing, and his legacy?

By the way, I stole the term pedopalooza from one of the news guys.

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I must be one of those people that noted his passing, but am not obsessed by his passing. I guess I figure there are far more important things going on in the world, right now.

I am shocked this huge performance for his memorial service. I guess I feel that it’s almost too “showy” and not really a memorial. If he was such a private person, then why in the world is his family not respecting him as the person he was and why are they allowing such a circus.

I know I’m in the minority. I have all these mixed feelings about the man. The Michael Jackson I was a fan of, died a long time ago. I am left with my own opinion on some of the charges he faced and do feel that all the questions were not answered.

I would be more impressed if his family was more forthcoming in admitting that maybe he had a problem and one should seek help for this problem, rather than surrounding themselves with enablers. Maybe they should consider using his celebrity for a good cause, one to say this is what happens when you abuse drugs. Any type of drugs.

I’m also floored by the need of a $25,000 casket.

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That’s the point, CAK. There is no NEED.

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I agree with @cak. I think this all day coverage on television is ridiculous. I was floored by the aerial footage by the news chopper following that $25,000 casket.

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@jbfletcherfan conspicuous consumption…at it’s worst.

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That’s for sure! I haven’t turned it on at all. I don’t know what’s going on there, so I missed the $25,000 casket. But I’m sure it’ll be on the news tonight…over & over.

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I don’t know the guy personally, but I highly doubt he would have wanted such an ostentatious funeral. As much as I don’t care, I don’t think this is appropriate.
To me, it’s equal to me choosing what to do with my mother’s remains even though she has specifically told me she wants to be cremated. I do wonder if MJ ever told anyone his wishes. I know my husbands wishes and he knows mine. Surely MJ had someone close to him that knew what he’d prefer.
This isn’t for him, it’s for the people. That is sort of what a funeral is for, to let people mourn..but this is just too much.

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Just another pop star who kicked the bucket. Where’s the big deal?

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I’ll admit that I’m watching it now and Stevie Wonder’s amazing. Unbelievable performance.

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IMO its pathetic, it all needs to stop. it never should have started.

people need to get lives.

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In all honesty, I’m just ‘listening’ because of the music/performances (whilst puttering).

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Best tribute ive come across

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I know the molestation wasn’t proven and I don’t necessarily think he did it, but he was a strange person and he had problems. People don’t just get mountains of plastic surgery and change their skin color because they’re “normal”. He had something wrong with him. People don’t just dangle babies, either. I think way too much attention is being given to him; I’m not sure if he even would’ve wanted it. The first thing my mom says today is “all this attention given to Michael Jackson is a bit strange”. I agree completely.

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The Weather Channel just played Billie Jean during the local forecast. sigh
There’s no escaping the man today. I’m going outside!

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@jonsblond You’re kidding!!! The Weather Channel??!!

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@jbfletcherfan He can’t possibly be on The Food Network, could he? I’m afraid to look.

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Pedopalooza! Good one.

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@jonsblond LOLLLLL…..OMG…I certainly hope not! How hilarious!!!

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@jonsblond it is. Theyre making Black or White cake right now. They said after adding the eggs you must beat it until the batter is as smooth as a criminal. The recipe is supposedly simple abc and makes a delicious cake. Now eat up, and dont stop till you get enough.

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@uberbatman Ooh, you’re good!

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I am in the process of recording at wifey’s request (she is busy working). I never was a “big” fan, but I do like a lot of his stuff, and I am aware of a lot of the barriers he broke. The list of friends includes a “who’s who” of Motown and beyond. I’m listening to Smokey Robinson talk about him, and I am thinking about how I listened to Smokey when I was growing up.

I am enjoying the musical performances, and I think they are appropriate for the occasion.

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I just had a chance to tune in and I think it’s near the end. Personally, I think it’s all overdone but seeing the shots of crowds around the country (world?) watching and crying makes me realize what a huge impact he had on people. It’s definitley moving.

I believe he was innocent of child molestation and hope he has found peace after what must have been an unfathomably difficult life.

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call me soft, but, I teared up because I feel for his family. Anyone that loses someone that they love, I feel for them. It was hard for me losing my Mom so young, and I know how it feels. This is just me, though.

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@jmah Yes, yes, yes. Janet was starting to get to me, but after his daughter spoke the tears just came. This little girl’s strength after being so shielded from the public is amazing.

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@uberbatman that was good! Lurve!

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What’s the big deal? He is dead.Does the news have nothing better to do?

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I do feel for his family, especially his children. However, I strongly believe that the memorial is not just “for the fans” but is a money-making opportunity for a lot of folks, including his family, just as Michael himself was.

The primary reason everyone gave into him on everything was because of hoping some of his money and fame (but especially his money) would rub off on them. And that won’t happen if you tell him no.

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I’m sad about it.. honestly. I didn’t watch the entire memorial service yet, but recorded it. I went about my daily business while listening to some hot MJ tracks.

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I watched it. I cried like a baby when his daughter spoke. My intentions were to watch it for the musical performances, and I was surprised that I cried like that. He was someone’s father, son, brother and family member. My prayers go out to his family who are experiencing his loss personally.

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<—- not an MJ fan here, but tuned in to the memorial service because I was resting at home this afternoon, and I love gospel music.

I must admit, I was moved to tears when Mariah Carey and Jermaine Jackson performed.

Although I’m not so sure I agree with the magnitude of the event given how private he wanted to be towards the end, it was really beautiful to see people come together worldwide, even for just the briefest of moments.

I know I’m in the minority here but I seriously doubt he would have wanted his kids paraded on stage like that at the end, or his daughter Paris publicly suffering such vulnerability and such an incredible moment of grief.

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well, folks, as i stated in the question, a bag of mixed feelings. ultimately the memorial service was too good to pass up as an opportunity take to make bank on (did really just write that last phrase?). and, if you noticed, at the end of the service AEG, the producer of the service, gave its notice that the production belongs to them (in the form of a© 2009 AEG all rights reserved kind of notice). too be expected.

that said, it was a remarkable production, one that i thought paid appropriate tribute to the man. even the finale which featured mj’s daughter’s comments about her father were imo, not out of line – they seemed genuine and not practiced.

one thing i think we would not have missed were the politicians and poses by certain celebrities that seemed,no, were all too self promoting. i also thought remarks that mj enabled the election of a president of color were a little over the top.

no matters. a remarkable life and career have passed. and now, the real carnival in all likelihood, begins.

thanks for our thoughts and opinions!

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@mcbealer – You are not in the minority. I also believe that he would not have wanted his children paraded in their grief in front of thousands.

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@Darwin and @mcbealer Do you think they were paraded against their will? It seemed like Paris, at least, really wanted to say what she did about her dad.

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@Likeradar – I doubt they were paraded against their wills, but I am sure that if Auntie Janet or Uncle Jermaine insisted they do it they would even if it wasn’t something they really wanted to do. However, MJ went to great lengths to keep his children out of the public eye, much as some other celebrities do (for example, Johnny Depp), so I suspect he would have preferred that the kids mourn in private.

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@Likeradar ~ my take on this is of course strictly based on body language, which I have always been intrigued with. I was watching Paris Jackson become increasingly agitated while Marlon Jackson spoke. She was fidgeting so much with her purse that it actually became a distraction for Janet Jackson. At one point Janet Jackson turned to Paris-concerned, and mouthed the words, “Are you OK?” And I kept thinking, why oh why do they have the children up there?

Shortly after that we saw Paris Jackson step up to the microphone, and by then I almost turned off the TV, knowing full well MJ would NOT want his kids paraded like that. It was too late though, I hung in long enough to hear her make that now infamous comment, in defense of her father. Although like most viewers I was touched, at that moment I was more so horrified that the family would allow a child who has for 99% of her life been so deeply sheltered make, as the media put it, her “debut” at such a time as that one.

I think we can all agree that even the most composed adults there found it challenging to find the words to express their emotions. That said, why subject a child to that kind of stress? The indellible memory I will have from that moment aren’t her words, but rather the look of agony on her face, as she broke down in front of the world.

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@uberbatman Thank you, that was beautiful. I didn’t know he could be so gentle.

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