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What you think Michael Jackson is doing right now wherever he is in his spirit form?

Asked by seVen (3478points) July 7th, 2009 from iPhone

Just wondering…

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who said he has spirit form?

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“Moon, moon walkin’ at Heaven’s door…”

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Laying in his coffin somewhere.

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thinking of ways he can reinvent thriller

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according to one sky report he might be walking round his place in LA….the report shows a ghostly like figure crossing a doorway…the reporter and cameraman didn’t pick it up at the time but it is visible…..i think it was a sky item…

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Slowly liquefying.

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melting back to plastic

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@mzdesigns – did you hear that they’re going to melt him down into legos so the kids can play with HIM for a change?

I’m sorry, couldn’t resist, you set me up too good.

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Alive and well, on the same beach as Tupac.

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@applesaucemanny one of the guys in my office kept expecting him to pop outa the coffin and start doing the monster dance from Thriller.

IMHO – waiting for the devil to tell him what his chores will be. Loved his music, hated the kid abuse.

BTW the casket, made about 20 mins from my house! Batesville Casket Co. One guy who works there was telling us about it at Bingo Friday night…....

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@Steven0512 Don’t you talk about my Tupac. He’s abducted by aliens, and the government doesn’t want to help :[

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@Skippy – there was a cartoon the day after he died I think in newspapers across the country. It was a drawing of Satan looking up at St. Peter and St. Peter looking down saying, “shall we flip a coin?”

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Hiding from Elvis.

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@AstroChuck lol good one…:)

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Dialing up a Doctor for something…

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Being stored in the recycle bin of the Matrix. At least his behavioural subroutines. The mesh and textures are still in active memory for the time being, but they too will be deleted in due time.

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ya i heard that joke i was sent it in a txt along with many others lol

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I DON’T CARE! I am sick of this whole crap thing. He’s dead already.

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agree with u marina

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Probably wondering why people won’t shut the hell up about his death already.

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He’s swimming in a vat of jell-o atop the Eiffel Tower. Duh!

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@Marina . . .I am sickened by the obscene amount of money being spent to cover this whole thing.

There are a lot of folks in this country struggling right now to keep their houses and their jobs. I bet the final tab on this circus could have helped keep more than a few families on their feet.

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Michael Jackson died , I didnt know.

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Certainly not paying for his memorial…

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Playing with little kids…....

@tadpole , that was one of the crew members from the news station , walking beside a huge bright light . They did confirm it after it was shown on air , according to the internets.

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he is hanging out with Farrah Fawcett apologizing for stealing her spotlight

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And Billy Mays.

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nothing, there’s no other form. he’s dead.

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he is looking into wheter or not barry bonds did steriods

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@sandystrachan thanks…did not know…

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Decomposing. What else do dead people do?

It’ll just take longer with him because of the plastic.

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@FireMadeFlesh- MJ wrote a lot of his own music so wouldn’t that make him a decomposing composer?

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He’s reunited with his beloved Ben. what do you mean he’s a rat?

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Probably found the other glove.

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@Blondesjon No kidding. California is about to declare freakin’ bankruptcy. Yes, he was a great musical talent. He was not, however, the be all and end all of the world or life. Some, including me, would argue he was not even the greatest entertainer ever or most important musical talent.

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Dancing with Fred Astaire, who once said of Michael that Michael was “the greatest dancer of the century”.

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All I want to know is how do you go about getting a Gold Plated coffin at such short notice?

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Actually just the handles were gold plated. And I think ANYTHING death related can be obtained on short notice. That’s how funeral arrangements are usually made – on short notice.

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Yes, I understand that and there are a few selections that are available for you to choose from. On short notice.
But exotic stuff like Gold Coffins have to take a bit to put together.
He might have had one in the shed just in case.

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What’s exotic to you and I may not be exotic to the wealthy. I bet gold coffins are readily available.

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I can’t believe he died from food poisoning. He ate a 4-year-old penis.

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SirBailey – TRUE

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@ChazMaz , apparently Jackson might have ordered it in advance. Story is he may have done that when he saw James Brown’s gold coffin.

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Getting molested in hell.

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****insert redundant joke about child molestation****

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Jackson is gone, but his music lives on
And Mike don’t go shopping no more.

The decomposing composer,
There’s nothing much anyone can do.
You can still hear M. Jackson,
But M. Jackson cannot hear you.

Gotta love Monty Python!

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Wondering why all the atheists on Fluther were so adamant.

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He’s not molesting boys, that’s for sure. He’s resting happily in peace(hopefully), teaching the angels Thriller.

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yeah, he’s teaching the angels a song about demons and zombies. good call.~

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@eponymoushipster….of course you are right. Besides he’d never find the time considering he is still trying to convince anyone that will listen that he is not the father of Billie Jean’s kid. See ya….Gary/wtf

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@whatthefluther or that it’s normal for adult men to share a bed with small boys.

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Don’t you guys understand sarcasm?

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@tandra88 fyi, when you make a sarcastic comment, it’s good form to use a tilde (~) at the end of the line or somewhere in your comment. tone of voice and eye rolling tend not to translate well to the written word.

sadly, you have to do this because somewhere, someone is actually saying what you said, and is serious.

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@tandra88….Welcome to fluther. Sarcasm is not just tolerated but encouraged. Lurve to you. Have fun!
See ya….Gary/wtf

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So is his spirit Black or has that been bleached also .

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@sandystrachan….Don’t know about color, but I’m pretty sure it has no nose. See ya….Gary/wtf

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@whatthefluther Thats property of Pepsi Cola .

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@whatthefluther . . . Michael’s soul has a lot of no no’s I’m sure.

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I GET IT – The balloon boy – he ordered Take out!

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I don’t think he’s doing anything.
Simply Being.

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I loved the little kid M.J. the big kid not so much.

And yes, obscene the amount of $‘s spent of that sad mans send off.

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he is composing with god, whilst his body decomposes…

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