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What is it like using a computer with a big screen like a tv?

Asked by tadpole (709points) July 7th, 2009

i’m thinking for general use, sitting at a distance from the screen…maybe a projector….i am interested to know if anyone has tried this…does it work…any shortcomings….

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It’s like using a computer with a screen as big as a TV.

Ain’t that special.

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I have a 19” flat-screen monitor. I like it a lot. I can have more things open at once, or I can see things better. I sometimes watch DVDs on it, and it doesn’t feel cramped at all.

If you mean really big, like a 42” plasma screen, why don’t you hook your laptop up to it and see how you like it?

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my freind has a Mac Mini on his 60” flatscreen or whatever it is, it works pretty good.

there area few glitches ive noticed that are jsut because of the massive size and resolution. but overall pretty slick.

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mine isn’t massive, but it’s 22” across, and the best thing about it is playing sims, and watching the occasional movie.

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especially with HD quality. cant be beat

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For most things it’s the same as using one with a little screen, only there’s more to look at. I find it particularly useful if there’s a couch in good proximity, then you don’t need a TV at all.

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Better than a 13” inch screen, like my macbook.

It makes it a little bit more difficult to find wallpapers, though. That’s all I’ve really noticed, other than larger resolution. But check to see if your computer can output to a screen that size too, though.

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@Jeruba did i say i had a laptop?

just looking at it as an alternative because sitting up close to a pc monitor for long periods of time is not something my eyes take kindly to….plus the convergence thing, keep it simple, just one big tv screen for tv and film/blu-ray and gaming and web/pc stuff…..that’s if i had the money of course…...thanks for your pov’s…or is that pov/points of view….

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Super cool! A friend and I would sit and watch movies and there’d be a little window we could pop into to see any activity on a website we were part of. Great way to see some of the teensy avatars and pics people post in greater detail.

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Back in the day, I used to play PC games on my 64” HDTV and couldn’t understand why anyone would rather play on a PC monitor. Now I’m down to 32” and while I won’t go for anything larger until CRT-like contrast ratios are available, I couldn’t play games or watch movies/TV on a smaller screen.

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to answer your question in a two words…. Fucking AWESOME

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@uberbatman thank you for that direct endorsement….

is 32” adequate size?

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@tadpole of course, but bigger is always better :P
a friend of mine had a 32” screen and it was sweet

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i have about 6 or 7 feet to play with…what size do you reckon…i am looking for full hd as well as everything else…and wouldn’t personally mind full hd on a 32”....wondering if that’s the best size…


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