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I dropped my laptop!

Asked by Phobia (1470points) July 7th, 2009

I nearly cried when I saw the expensive piece of technology crash to the floor. It’s still relatively new, but my warranty doesn’t cover accidental damage. The damage seems to be only cosmetic, but should I be worried? I heard some laptops quit days after being dropped.

The damage seems to be confined to the left corner of the laptop, near the screen. It cracked the back part of the corner, and bent a few outer pieces. Everything seems to be fine and it runs normally. Did I get lucky? Should I keep an eye out for future problems?

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Yes, definitely a problem. What you need to do is stage an accident, making the damage the fault of someone with the where-with-all to pay the repair bill. Like maybe make it look like a rich friend carelessly knocks it off your lap or something like that. Are you a good actor/liar?

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@whatthefluther That was a good laugh, but sadly, no. I was always very protective over the laptop, and as irony has it, I’m the one who bumped it off of the computer desk.

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Dropped laptops tend to suffer screen damage so keep an eye out for display abnormalities.

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Luckily, the display is fine (for now). A bad crack is on the plastic next to the screen though, which leads me to another question…

Does anyone know if I could buy replacement plastic casing for the few cracked and bent parts? Could you direct me to a website or phone number for replacements? I have the “know how” to replace it, I just lack the “know where”.

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My husband knocked a diet coke in mine, which was its death knell.

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You dodged a bullet. You can probably obtain replacement parts from the manufacturer. Google your exact make and model# to find any third party suppliers.

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Its not the worst thing to happen to you. I have been giving some serious thought to launching mine off my balcony.

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Hmm, I hit the corner of mine near the screen one time and it worked fine for a while. Then the screen would start to randomly go blank and I’d have to restart it to make it work again. Turned out that the wires to the display were knocked loose. I’d say you should get it checked out before it’s too late.

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Why didn’t you get insurance for accidents? Our laptop would have been trashed multiple times if we didn’t get the protection plan.

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I dropped my laptop (inside a backpack) while I was walking after having it 4 months back in 2004. I should say it flew off my shoulder and it landed on the top corner a few feet in front of me on concrete as I was walking very fast and came to a quick stop.

I was expecting the worst when I opened the bag as it is padded on the bottom not the top. The laptop was an all aluminum case and amazingly it looked ok other than the fact that the left front corner was bent up about 3 cm. I put it on the desk and slowly and carefully pressed/bent it back. It still has a slight lift about 4 mm. Yet it is still in use today 5 years later.

As others have said something may have gotten loose and only time will tell if it will crap out. You are probably better off just bending, gluing, epoxying what you can back together. To get a replacement case/parts, you will have to probably go back to the manufacture as @IchtheosaurusRex said. Although, you may find one of those cosmetic shells/covers as a cheaper, quicker way to hide the cracked case. At least the outer part

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The first thing I’d suggest is back up the hard drive, in case it does go within a few days. That way, even if you must get a new laptop, you can transfer the data to your new PC or Mac.

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