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NANCY GRACE fans - does it drive you crazy the way her show repeats the same video clip over and over and over?

Asked by SirBailey (3130points) July 9th, 2009

Fans will know what I mean. You’ll see the same video clip during the show, and right after every break…it drives me NUTS!!! Do you know how many times she showed the same clip of Michael Jackson rehearsing for his upcoming tour? How many times she showed Caylee Anthony video? What do you think? Why does she??

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She showed the Caylee Anthony video of her turning the page in her little book she was reading 9,876,032 times. I kind of noticed, ha ha. It is very annoying and I have stopped watching her. She was making an entire carreer on the Anthony case.

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I’m guessing it’s hypnotism. My strategy is to avert my eyes and keep my aegis polished.

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I hope no one else is present when you polish your aegis.

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What is an aegis?

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I don’t know but apparently you have to polish it.

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An aegis is a shield, I think it’s a Greek word.

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Yes it drives me crazy, and it is partly why I stopped watching her. She has to make an hour-long show out of what little info she has, and has to have something “new” everyday, so I guess she just stretches out her small tidbits of info to make us all insane. Her show should only be about 15 minutes.

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Isn’t “Nancy Grace fan” an oxymoron—or it just moron?

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