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Will (or should) McDonalds ever serve breakfast all day?

Asked by quasi (782points) July 9th, 2009

Would the increase in supply reduce the demand? Would the McMuffin’ lose it’s magical aura if served in the evening? Or would people rejoice in the splendor of finally not having to wake up early on their day off for that wonderful Mc’deliciousness.

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omg Yes. They’d double their revenue from us potheads alone.

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Hell yeah! McDonalds breakfast Burritos. I would become morbidly obese if they served those all day long.

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It would be fabulous if they started serving food.

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I agree from the whole munchies thing that they would make so much from us potheads

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On one hand it would be awesome to get to McDonalds at 10:35am and not hear “Sorry we stop serving breakfast at 10:30” but then there is something about having that time frame. I don’t know why, but for me it just adds something special to it. Also I would probably get sick of their breakfast if it was available 24/7. But with all that said I think they should join the Jack in the Box, Whataburger and whatever else crowd and serve whatever you want anytime.

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They should serve hot dogs. Why is it so hard to get a hot dog in a fast food place???

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@SirBailey no Sonic or Dairy Queen in your neighborhood?

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Nope! In order for me to get a hot dog I’d have to go to Nathans, 6 miles away. McDonalds, on the other hand, is right across the street. I KNOW DQ is not around me. Don’t know Sonic.

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Oh man.. Nathans is worth the drive!

Yeah, Sonic Drive-In or Mugs Up or DQ all serve hot dogs in my hood. But i’d go to Nathans if I had the option :)

Now that I think about it.. I’m not sure I’d want to see a Mc’Dog

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Our Nathan’s is cool. You can also get corn on the cob, soups, shrimp, fresh sandwiches, they have a bakery, even an arcade.

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@SirBailey I’d walk 6-miles for that :)

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Reading this conversation is making me mildly nauseated. Find a farmer’s market. Get an egg, some fresh butter and some English muffins. Cook your own damn breakfast! Any time you want to!

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I do that as well.. but sometimes you just crave that distinct corporate faux-flavor that you remember so well from your childhood.

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My son would be delighted if all of McDonald’s menu were to be available 24/7. OTOH, I find it bizarre that you can get breakfast with a soft drink.

I wouldn’t mind if their fruit and walnut salad were available all the time, but then I can always get a glass of OJ instead of the calorific transfats+corn syrup+preservatives combo that they usually offer.

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Tako Bell had breakfast. I was lov’in it!

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if this were the case, I doubt I would ever not order breakfast

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@quasi, it’s true. Mom didn’t know how to engineer a gastonomic bliss point.

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@kevbo – Mom didn’t have a chemical laboratory and a bunch of research scientists to back her up.

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And she didn’t give me a free toy with every meal.

I want a new mom.

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But she did make you clean your room.

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All ex-grill workers know that eggs, pancakes, french toast, need a spotless grill or you will see flecks of food on your delivered product. (Imagine “over-easies” with a black spot. Some customers are very finicky.) Hamburgers, on the other hand, can have a few grill leftovers from the previous burger without affecting their quality. Breakfast food grill temps are different from meat item grill temps as well. That’s why many restaurants serve breakfast until the burgers come out. Unless the restaurant is very large, has at least two grills, and the staffing to run them it is too difficult and costly to do both types of food simultaneously. (You want fries with that?)
I guess I learned something working at Micky D’s.

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I suddenly want a McGriddle.

Oh, man. What’ve you done?!

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i drive past mcdonalds everyday on the way to work and today was the first time i’ve ever given in to temptation. and it was breakfast

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@patg7590 And I’ll bet there wasn’t a spot on the eggs.

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One of the reasons I was asking was because of places like Sonic and Jack in the Box that serve everything all day. Both are fast food places, not enormous restaurants with mega staff/kitchens, so it seemed like a possibility for a place like Mc’d to accomplish what these other places have.

I guess those other places leave spots on their eggs, but I never noticed.

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I don’t know, but I sure with they would serve fries during breakfast.

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@Lupin no there wasn’t lol but I was under the impression the eggs were 100% egg-wave?

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I would like a McGriddles please!!!!!

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they really, really, should. i think that most of their potential breakfast customers are rarely awake to buy their breakfast (i.e. me). would it really hurt to serve hashbrowns 24/7? really?

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Psst… Don’t tell the Micky D gods I told you this, but…. Have you seen the frozen sausage, egg, english muffin sandwiches they sell at Sam’s? Pop ‘em in the microwave for a minute and you are good to go. They only cost about $1 each and really hit the spot. And you can do it from the comfort of your own home or the company microwave. (I’m not going to even mention making these from scratch – too many dishes to wash for anyone under 24.)

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Yes yes yes absolutely yes! I’ve always wondered why they stopped serving breakfast soooo early. I certainly am not in the mood for a Big Mac at 10:30 in the morning. Yuck. If they can’t serve it all day they should at least consider serving it for a few hours longer than 10:30am!

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Why not have a short brunch menu? take the most popular breakfast items and continue to serve them till noon. a manager at McDonalds tells me this is why they have the changeover….........“we simply do not have enough room in the kitchen to serve both breakfast and lunch menus at the time”.

His answer has a lot of merit.

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They make more money on the regular menu – breakfast is cheaper. I eat Jack in the Box breakfast food late at night. It rocks. McDonalds doesn’t have great breakfast choices. Where’s the croissant sandwich? They should at least offer it until 11:30. On weekends, who gets up by 10:30 anyway?

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I used to work for a McDonald’s franchisee and they don’t serve it all day for two reasons: first, they make more money off of lunch just because they can charge more for less. Second, @TheNimrod You are totally on point! They “withhold” breakfast because if it were available all day, it would lose its appeal. That is precisely the reason for the “limited time only” crap like the McRib and the Shamrock Shake and stuff. I sat in on many a marketing teleconference and it’s all about wanting what you can’t have. Proud to say I never, nor will I ever, support such a horrible place (by eating there, I mean; sadly I did hold employment there for a little bit). What they do to their employees (not me—not the administrative staff—but their hourly-wage restaurant crew who work their butts off for nothing!) is even worse than what they’re doing to the American Public’s Health (despite what it says on TV). I’m hatin’ it!!! :)

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For many they do:

The first meal of the day, no matter how LATE in the day is still breakfast.

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