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What do you think of someone walking around with a labeled t-shirt?

Asked by Tink (8673points) July 9th, 2009 from iPhone

I saw a girl today with one that said “Single” that just screams desperate to me.
And what are the wierdest things you’ve read on them?

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Personally, I hate those types of t-shirts. I usually associate them with small tweenagers with their little cell phones that are far too full of themselves for somebody that gets bad grades and just sits around and plays video games otherwise. And then brag about wasting their days away with a 5$ t-shirt they bought at wal-mart. Have fun working at burger king for the rest of your life.

So I don’t wear them. I suppose that would have sufficed.

Whoa. I really have no idea where that came from.

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I’ve seen a t-shirt that I think was originally from the movie “The Love Guru” that had an arrow pointing up that said “The Man” then an arrow pointing down that said ”The Legend”.

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@TheCreative Me too, what the fuck does that mean???

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I wear band T’s. That’s it. I don’t think I’ve ever worn a shirt with some cutesy saying on it.

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@Tink1113 That his weewee is famous

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Band T’s are ok, wear them myself :)

@TheCreative Thought about it, then thought it was silly. Ewww..

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I don’t like those t-shirts, but even worse is when the weird saying is plastered across young girls butts.

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I’ve always wanted one of these but for some reason my kids and my boyfriend haven’t bought one for me yet.

I am not a fan at all of shirts with pithy sayings – unless the person wearing said shirt is under the age of 15.

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Personally, I think they are desperate too, but not as desperate as the ones who have it emblazoned across their behinds! The worst ones are the ones that practically beg for attention!

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I have a shirt that says “Schrodinger’s cat is dead” on the front and “Schrodinger’s cat is alive” on the back, which always makes me smile.

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I don’t mind them. Wouldn’t wear them, but still… if you don’t find these shirts hilarious, you are evil.

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Nothing like seeing an overweight 40ish woman in a t-shirt stretched across her chest that says “princess” in glitter.

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@chyna: I agree and it’s even better when it’s a wife beater and her bra straps are hanging out…classy! :)

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I also have a problem with these:
I heart NY
I have nothing against NY, or their people, I just don’t think we need to know that in big red letters, Especially in L.A

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My biggest gripe with the I <3 NY tees: no one in NY wears them except tourists.

Please, don’t wear a shirt proclaiming the love of the place you’re going visit. Don’t be that guy.

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I saw one once that read It Ain’t Gonna Suck Itself.

it still makes me giggle

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I have less of a problem with the t-shirts than the short with words across the butt. As a parent of a teenager, I’m happy to say that she’s not been a huge fan of those t-shirts. And since we’ve said absolutely not to the shorts with the words across the butt…we’re doing ok.

I’m not a fan, but I’ve seen other fashions that bother me more. The super low cut jeans and the really short, shorts. BLAH!

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I had one that said “I’m Not Steve” and My Brother had One that said “I’m Not Bri_L”

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I love my Elvis t-shirts, my Tab t-shirt (the coca-cola product) and my MSU t-shirts—go Spartans!

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Hehe I have a pink one that says ”Shut Up Bitch

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@Tink1113: You’re 14 and you’re allowed to wear that?

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Yes I am :)
I made it myself

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@Tink1113 -See! I told you that it’s a good thing I’m not your mom!! ;~)

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@cak: And me as well, obviously!

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There’s nothing wrong with it, is there??
And I’m not with my mom right now so it’s ok

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@bythebay – lurve! I have a feeling we see a lot of things the same way, when it comes to parenting. :)

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My husband bought a few t-shirts with saying on them. I like and wear them, they make me smile as well as other people smile. One says, “I’m out of my mind, please leave a message”
#2 shirt says: “Keep talking, I like watching your lips move” this shirt has double meaning for me as I’m hearing impaired and read lips. He has 2 more but the phrases slip my mind.

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I have one that reads God Bless America…Except Idaho…Fuck Idaho.

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I buy my husband’s shirts from shirt.woot and think geek, and I suspect I will be buying some from Snorg tees in the near future. He likes shirts that say something interesting.

His shirt today reads “Obey gravity. It’s the law!” Tomorrow’s is “Insufficient Memory.” Yesterday’s was “You read my shirt. That’s enough social interaction for today.” He also has one with sushi on it, and likes dinosaur shirts.

One of his favorite shirts had a sign on it that said “This space for rent.”

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@Darwin I so want the “Baghdad Ass Up” shirt.

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@Grisaille – I broke down and got some for my husband, including You Look Funny Doing That, Your Epidermis Is Showing, Thesaurus, and I Have the Body of a God .

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@Darwin You’ve got some good style.

Also, because I want to run your entire financial situation into the ground, I give you this.


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I read a shirt that said im taken but if your hot im single and i just laughed at that :P
i read another that said all your wishes have come true im single and im like…wierd…:P

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It’s funny because the same type of people who say that kind of thing are often the same ones who say “don’t judge people by their clothing”. Hello pot, this is kettle.

To answer the question: I love T-shirts with sayings on them. I want to get the one that says “no one cares about your blog” on it. I wish I could think of some examples of weird ones, but I can’t seem to think of any. I also want a shirt that says “Ayatollah Assahola” on it. :)

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I use swear words as often as a truck driver, but I don’t like them on t-shirts, or in store windows, or on billboards, I think it is in very bad taste, young children should not have to read that.

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@Grisaille – You know my weakness! Reunite Pangaea, Y2K Survivor, and Free Tibet with purchase of a second Tibet of equal or lesser value are ones I just had to have.

My credit card is running away screaming.

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I’m glad you like them. Those are some of the most clever ones, too.

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I used to have one that said “Talk is cheap and you look like you have a lot to say!” I loved that one!

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there are occasional funny ones that are not overused, and are pretty clever. i prefer shirts that say things without words (i.e. threadless). but ones like the one you mentioned? hate them.

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There is one from Mental Floss that’s kind of adorable: Hokey Pokey Anonymous: A place to turn yourself around

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They usually denote a lack of creativity and subtly in the wearer.

As in, “Hello, I feel that I am promiscuous, and knowing that felt, upon seeing a T shirt with the sparkly word “Single” on it, felt that it was right for me, as it described me accurately.”

Someone who wore, though, a screen printed t-shirt with, oh, I donno, an explosion of red hearts that subtly hinted at the union of bodies might do better.

Or, even better, an embroidered rose motif all Georgia O’Kieffe-like.

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