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What is your favorite website? And why is it your favorite?

Asked by ShanEnri (4414points) July 9th, 2009

A place where you like to ‘hang out’ so to speak?! I like because of the trades I can make. And because I have to get those badges!

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I like Fluther… Because, well, you know. It’s fluther.

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isohunt and thepiratebay, also bbcnews

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Fluther, Digg, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Digital Photography School,, and

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I knew it!!! Fluther, it’s the only website I go to, I hate myspace
Edit: I like it because it makes me giggle sometimes, I’ve met good jellies, it’s fun, do i really have to keep going??

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Yes, I think Fluther is quite addicting and enjoyable!

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Yes, yes, the Fluther addiction has set in, lol. For years it was Pogo even without getting the badges (Word Riot was the best before it got taken off the site).

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