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Ettiquette question?

Asked by emilyrose (2269points) July 9th, 2009

If I get a massage from the owner of the practice, am I supposed to tip? I always heard that you are not supposed to tip the owner of such practices, hair salons, etc. Typically their rates are much higher and maybe to cover the tip?

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I would if it was good service, regardless of who it is.

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I would tip- but not be offended if they refused it.

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when you tip, you get noticed the next time. it’s just a decent practice.

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I wish I could remember the source, but my sister asked me the same question and then I immediately saw it in an advice column a few days later.

The answer is formally, no. You are not required to tip the owner. I can’t imagine anyone who would turn down the money if you offered to them, but the rules say no tip necessary.

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It’s probably not necessary, but I’d do it anyway if it were me.

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Ugh, I had such an agonizing time deciding the same thing but with a hair salon that I ended up not going back (okay, also because it was so much money) even though she gave an EXCELLENT haircut. <follows question>

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