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How can I get rid of these extremely painful canker sores?

Asked by qualitycontrol (2570points) July 9th, 2009 from iPhone

I have like 3 or 4 bad canker sores. I woke up 2 days ago and they were all there. It’s so bad my jaws, face and throat hurt. I’m taking Tylenol for the jaw pain but when I eat or talk it still hurts really bad. Anyone have remedies?

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Try rinsing your mouth with a solution of half a teaspoon salt dissolved in a glass of water.

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Don’t drink or eat anything acidic. I used to get really bad canker sores and I would use chloraseptic. It really helps with the pain.

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If they are really painful consider going to the doc, they can give you some local anesthetic gel to rub on them before meals etc to ease the pain (in the UK you can get this from a pharmacist with out a prescription, I don’t know if its the same in the US).

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What’s chloraseptic some kind of medication? Ty for the answers

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Have you tried Ambisol?

They sell it at most corner stores/drugstores. Works wonders.

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Chloraseptic is a minty numbing spray that’s great for sore throats and canker sores.

I used to get canker sores all the time which isually caused by stress. Oddly enough, they only appear after the stress phase is over and I start feeling good again. Two things you can do – gargle/swish warm water with salt in it (yes it stings for a few minutes but it numbs it and recovery time is much quicker). Also, you can get a vitamin called Lysine which helps eliminate the acid in your body causing the sores. One item that does work if you don’t mind “texture” in your mouth is OraBase or OraGel. I used to use OraBase when I had braces that caused tears in my cheeks. This stuff is a gritty paste but smooths over after awhile but adheres to the sore very well and with no stinging effect either.

Hope this helps. All the products I mentioned you can get in a drug store like you would buy Tylenol.

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Salt (see above) is a good answer. It will dissolve the protective slime over the sore and allow it to heal naturally. Ambisol and Chloraseptic are good for numbing the pain.

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I really feel for you. I just went through this last week and it hurts. Swollen lymph nodes and everything.

Take Lysine, rinse with Cepacol mouthwash, spray Chloraseptic on them. Campho-phenique is an awesome numbing agent – I would use the liquid on a Q-tip. I have tried Orajel and Ambesal, but they don’t seem to stay on the right spot long enough. There is something that you put on them and it dries to stay in place, but I cannot remember the name. It comes in a litte brown bottle… I’ll think about it and try to get back to you.

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yeah…Zilactin, it burns like hell but it’s the best after it dries because you can no longer feel the sore. Only problem is the canker sore is so far back on my throat I can’t reach it with anything. Then there is one on my inner gums which is accessible and one on each side of my tongue underneath. I did the salt yesterday and it was great it actually numbed them all up for a while so I could eat. Also, I use mouthwash…do you think this is good for healing or makes it worse? I can’t tell either way because all I get is pain with anything. Thanks for the help!

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I found that mouthwash killed beneficial bacteria in my mouth, so sores in my mouth did not heal. Now I only use salt water, as necessary, for sores in my mouth.

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I think powdered ammonium alum works the best. Just pinch a bit and put it on the sore. It will hurt like hell for 30 seconds, then after that it should start healing very quickly.

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