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How do I ask my boss for money he owes me?

Asked by WendyMarie (8points) July 10th, 2009

When I was hired at my employer my immediate boss agreed to an arrangement he had made in order to intice me to take the position. Since I was already currently employed locally and the new position was an hour commute each way he then agreed to give me an additional weekly income on top of my salary. Please note that I would not have taken the position if it had not been for this arrangement because without this arrangement I would be taking a pay decrease. The additional funds were to be used toward lunch, gas, cell phone expenses as well as a temporary Petty Cash account to purchase office supplies, postage supplies and things of that nature. He in turn still reimburses me for office supplies eventually. I make several monthly trips to the post office and drop-off’s to other companies as well as use my cell phone to make calls or send text messages to him and other office associates on work related subjects. In the beginning he paid me upfront cash weekly, then as the months went on he began to pay me later and later. First it was every 2 weeks then 3 and now lately he has only been paying me at the end of the month. This past week will be the end of the 5th week without receiving any money… I know he always pays me eventually but when my bills are due mid month and I can’t get by with just my salary checks I have to borrow money from my boyfreind in order to keep up on my bills…On top of that I still continue to make special trips and he still expects me to purchase supplies up front as needed to continue business. I told myself if he did not pay me by the end of the week I would need to sit down and talk to him, he has been out of the office so I sent him an email to his iphone asking him if we could sit down early next week to discuss some things that have been on my mind. I am having a hard time figuring out how I should approach this issue since it is an agreement between only me and him outside the company. Sorry for the long explaination but as you can see it is complicated, how do I start this conversation and come off as non threatening and without giving him an ultimatum?

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I would consider that a ultimatum, I do not go to work for free and that is something I think nobody does. You are there to make money, not favors. Ask to meet with him and discuss it bluntly. Time is money and your not getting the money you deserve.

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I agree with @willbrawn. You shouldn’t feel bad or guilty about asking for what you deserve and are entitled to.

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Ok thanks, that is how I feel also… When I talked to another guy about it though he said I should stroke his ego a little because he is pretty cocky VP and the argumentative type. My guy friend told me to say “I am concerned about my pay… I would like to come up with an arrangement which will be easier for both of us” since he is super busy and I assume the problem is just forgetfulness… and not intentional… of course that is what I would like to believe…

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Well I think you can be constructive about it too – I just mean don’t go in there with an apologetic attitude when you’re entitled to the money in the first place. Coming up with a mutually agreeable arrangement would be a perfect solution.

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Thank you I really appreciate the advise!

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Really good that you are dealing with this without letting it go too long. It sounds like you have a good way of thinking about the situation and will do well with him. I would suggest asking him for a way to work this out together so it isn’t a burden to either one of you—be it weekly or every other week. And ask him how he wants you to remind him if he forgets, so you don’t have to feel badly reminding him to pay you what he owes you.

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