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What device would you like to see invented in the future?

Asked by minolta (328points) July 10th, 2009

From flying cars to automatic nail clipping systems? what is your dream device.

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A teleportation device.

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Still waiting for a Hover board.

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A device which would allow me to recycle all the time I’ve wasted.

If not, then maybe a time-stopping device.

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A personal flying craft. (Boy, was the Segway a disappointment.)

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An automatic personal chef.

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Haha I hope noones dream device is an automatic nail clipping system!!!

I would say mine is probably…better supplements. Like a pill that you take that regulates your body and gives you perfect health. I think that would be pretty sweet.

Oh…that’s boring? a PS9 then…

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Shut up pills. I know a lot of folks that would get OD’ed by yours truly.

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In 5th Element the secretary for the evil guy, has this device which she sticks her finger in and when she pulls it out her nail is neatly painted. I have wanted that ever since I saw the movie.

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Can we wish for old things to come back?

I wish the Polaroid camera would make a comeback—but with more cost-effective film.

I’d also like a digital SLR that actually captures images like a real SLR.

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@Nimis oh I want Polaroid cameras back too!

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I am in line for the Polaroid camera and film too!!!!!

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A camera that could completely mimic the human eye via alpha (or whatever) waves from the photographer’s brain, so that it would record exactly what the photographer or cinematographer was seeing.

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A food replicator
An android like the one from the movie “Bicentennial Man”
The transporter from Star Trek

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@aprilsimnel That would get rid of happy accidents, though!

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Oh I just got one!

Similar to @aprilsimnel‘s invention. I want a machine which can record sounds directly from the brain. It’s like… I often get music in my head, but there’s no way I can pen it down and it frustrates me. Therefore, as an added plus, this machine must be able to transcribe it down into sheet music from the music playing in my brain. This includes full orchestral works.

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Kinda like @aprilsimnel‘s and @SaturatedBrain except it records dreams so you can play it back like watching a movie. I had a great astral projection type dream once and would love to replay that one over and over.

My other device would be a cell phone hearing impaired people can actually hear on. Oh and one more for us hearing impaired, a bracelet/watch that vibrates so we can get up on time since we can’t hear an alarm clock. anyone who creates this one, I want first dibbs on it, buyer, co-owner, whatever :-)

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I’m not gonna be original: another device that turns your brain into a DVR and plays the entire content, including images, sounds and odors, of your memory.

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Interstellar spaceships.

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