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UFC 100, who are your picks?

Asked by drClaw (4452points) July 10th, 2009

Ok, so this is a partially a lame attempt to find peeps in the Fluther-sphere interested in MMA, but I am sincerely interested in knowing who think/want to walk out of the octagon victorious.

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I don’t know much about UFC, but I love MMA and was a massive fan of Pride. Obviously Fedor was my favourite, since he’s even better than Tiger Woods is at golf…

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I’m not sure but I think Fedor may not be human

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Hahaha I won’t argue that…

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Well for the main event I want to say mir… But he seriously needs to use his bjj to win, at the same time Brock is a strong wreastler… I want Mir but I think lesner is going to win.. Unless thiago gets lucky gsp is going to dominate.. And I think henderson kills bisbing I hate that guy…

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My votes for winners:

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Great picks @everyone

And now we know (few as they may be) who the real MMA fans on Fluther are.

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