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Why oh why

Asked by jordangerous (28points) January 4th, 2008

Do some of you post questions here that you could find out the answers to with less typing in a simple google search? It’s not like you need advice, you just have a lame question. Maybe you just like the sight of your own text ;)

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Because you want an answer from a person.

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Sometimes people dont realize that there are tools that they can use to find the answers to their questions by themselves. When you dont have any clue, usually you turn to a person who you think will have the answer.

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As klass4 said, most people think that a person’s opinion is superior than an answer from a google search. Plus alot of people are not good at the art of googling – some people dont know how to search the right query.

PS. i asked a similar question on fluther: Why Don’t People Google Their Answers First ? and got some pretty good answers.

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Mirza, I understand when it’s a matter of opinion, however I answered a question earlier. The person simply wanted to know how to refer to a person from the Netherlands…nothing about opinion there, 2 seconds on google would have done the trick. Different strokes, I guess!

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@jordan: some people just do not have enough sense to use google to find answers. For example, my sister just called me at work today to ask me how many songs you can fit in a 1gb iPod which she could have found out in a simple google search , but she just doesn’t have enough understanding to google it.
The “google” question are mostly asked by Fluther new-comers . So the first time you do their google search to answer their question and also add that they could have found the answer by googling. Hopefully, these people will listen and google their questions the next time. It also gives you joy to tell people how to find answers because by doing so you are probably teaching that person a life-long skill.

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I think Fluther is better for opinion type answers and Google is better for definite or technical type answers and its a lot faster too and if some one doesn't know how to use Google then they should learn or quit life because its the twenty first century and things in the future are just gonna keep getting more technical.

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We’re at a party and it’s time to leave and we need to know where we catch the number X bus (or whatever, directions)...we could ask people, engage in conversation, or we could open our laptop and do a google map search. Me, I’d rather engage in conversation. True, Fluther is a distinct form of conversation, somewhere in between talking to oneself and IM’ing a friend, but it’s just more Fun, dang it.

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