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My zebra danio had eggs? What do i do with them?

Asked by fishmac (2points) July 10th, 2009

can i use the fish net to keep them seperate from the fish?

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I suggest you PM our Fluther aquarist, uberbatman.

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I’m no aquarist yet but I think you leave them away from other fishes but keep them with their mother

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Well, do you have a male danio to fertilize them? If not, then you may as well throw them out now… if you know you have a male danio, then the eggs could potentially be fertilized and my guess is you’ll probably need something like a fry basket to put them in. I work in a lab that studies (and houses and breeds) small fish and we always keep the fry separate, usually in fry baskets like this one to avoid cannibalism.

I just quickly looked up danio rerio mating behavior here, and it seems that the eggs only take 2 days to hatch so move quickly! :) Sounds like you’ll need different food for them, too. An aquarium store should be able to help you, I’d think.

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I suppose suggesting a very small omelet would be in, ahem, bad taste?

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@evelyns_pet_zebra the very thought leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

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@ratboy Kind of a fishy taste?

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just stumbled on this question…
@fireinthepriory said pretty much everything i was going to say. As far as food, you can buy a special food, or you can just do what we do at my work and break the flake food into almost a powder so the small fry are able to eat the food with their tiny mouths. You really shouldnt have much of a problem raising these fish and if you do, not a huge deal, danios tend to breed quite often.

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