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What is the longest German word?

Asked by immong (11points) July 10th, 2009 from iPhone
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Probably far from the longest, but one of my favorites is Meinungsverschiedenheiten. It means “differences of opinion.”

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Here are some candidates: Longest German Words

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the longest one I’ve seen printed as a newspaper headline no less, is ”Geschwindichkeitsbegrenzung” (speed limit) which the local paper in Goerlitz printed when they changed the speed limits for the Bundestrassen.

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Guten Tag~

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that must be one lonnnng word @Trance24

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I remember seeing this in high school… I think it’s the longest word in any language, and if I remember correctly, it’s the name of a particular mill in a specific region, with everything compounded together.

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I know this goes off on a tangent, but check out the chemical name for Titin. 189,819 characters long.

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Actually, in principle the correct number of letters in the longest word is 1 divided by 0, i.e. infinity. However if our corpus is the sum of all texts ever written and all words ever spoken and since human existence is finite my guess the number of letters is at least 100. Here’s a funny one, but please don’t ask me to translate it.


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@mattbrowne I’ll just google it then….

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@cyndihugs – I’ve heard Google has a limit when it comes to the length of words.

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@mattbrowne not on my computer….

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