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Where can i watch " Lie to me " online , outside of the US ?

Asked by sandystrachan (4407points) July 12th, 2009

I live in the UK and would like to watch ” Lie to me ” online . But everything i found is restricted to US , i have missed a few episodes but that was on TV and i no longer have access to Sky1 channel .

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iTunes, maybe. Or, you can bittorrent it if you are ok with doing that.

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iTunes. Or you could break into a house that has Sky and watch it on their TV while they’re out.

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Torrent is the answer, my friends… /prophetoftorrent

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Hmmm….well I’m not familiar with lie to me, but if you are only interested in buffering it then try and have a look there, they have a huge variety of t.v. shows, documentaries movies etc it would pay to check it out.It should work, because I live in Australia and it doesn’t block me out. So it should work. I cannot help you otherwise.

But if you are looking for a torrent just type in Lie To Me torrent on google and some options should come up. Just have a browse around I guess and see if you can find something. Or direct download it with megavideo. Although unless you plan on paying for it megavideo will only let you download one video per day, and watch 72 minutes worth of streaming videos. But it’s deffinately worth a try. Also with the torrents you will need a program like limewire or blubster. Also try limewire and iTunes for direct downloads, limewire is free and illegal and iTunes isn’t.

Hope I was able to help you somehow. Sorry I couldn’t be more specific.

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I just heard about bit torrent. It’s supposed to be great. Not sure if you can watch TV shows though.

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@Dorkgirl absolutely you can, just search for em.

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How about for a mac? They all seem to come down in rar files which my mac doesn’t like. Any advice for Mac users?

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@rooeytoo I use a mac. I don’t like dealing with rars myself, but it is easy enough – a rar file is like a zip file; you have to un-compress it. Download a program called WinRar that can do it for you. But you can probably find whatever you want in other file types, like mkv or avi or mpg. To check what the file type is, you have to look in a different place for each server site you use (mininova, piratebay, acidlounge, etc.). In Mininova, which I prefer, look under the Details tab. Also look at the comments to see if the file is of good quality.

Also, download a program called VLC. It’s a great media player, and it can read any file type you ask it to. If you get a movie with subtitles, the titles will be in a skv file, which you can ask VLC to open along with the movie/tv show. Many torrented filed are set up this way, so that playing them with VLC is the best option.

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@wildpotato – Thanks that is helpful info, I will check it all out.

I have heard about VLC before but never bothered with it, I will now.


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