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Have you (or someone you know) been diagnosed with H1N1 "swine flu"?

Asked by answerjill (6193points) July 12th, 2009

If so, how long did it take to fully recover?

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No, I don’t personally know anyone but since I worked for the Dept. of Health in NYC not so long ago, I knew of people who knew people and Queens is just a train ride away

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Yup. My whole family got it, except one of my brothers and my stepdad. Took about a week for them to get over, with a cough lingering for maybe another week… They’re all fine now (although my littlest sister was scheduled for surgery which had to be postponed!)

I also got a flu which may have been swine flu. I didn’t even bother to go to the doctor so I have no idea if it was H1N1 or a different flu, but it was identical to what the rest of my family described. Plus I got it while in Brazil, which makes everyone think it was swine flu for some reason. :)

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A classmate got it, and she returned to class about a week and a half later

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Two of my students got H1N1 and they were out for two weeks.

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Thanks, people. I have a “suspected case,” according to the doctor They are not really testing for H1N1 on a regular basis in my state. I was pretty sick for a week. Now, I still feel kind of tired and not 100%, but I guess that it takes time to get back to normal after any kind of flu.

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One of my wife’s colleagues has it, although I don’t know him.

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A couple of kids in town had it and were out of school for 10 days. At that same time my daughter and I both got some sort of flu. We were never tested to see if it was H1N1, but the symptoms were similar. We just took to our beds and used OTC meds for symptoms. It took about a week for each of us to actually start to function, and about two weeks total to feel good as new.

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I was in a car for two and a half hours with someone who had it, although I didn’t know that at the time.
Surprisingly, I was not infected.

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It’s quite possible my husband and daughter had it. They were very ill for a week and it took two weeks for them to get back to 100%.

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My daughter’s teacher had it – she missed a full week of school. They had been on vacation the week before, she had been sick the entire time. She said it seemed like it wanted to linger longer than the normal flu, but it wasn’t horrible.

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