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What, besides the Snuggie, has been the worst invention of all time?

Asked by Simone_De_Beauvoir (38975points) July 12th, 2009

in your opinion..
and please provide reason why

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Shamwow. Not just because it doesn’t work, but because of the d-bag they hired to sell it.

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The Shamwow doesn’t work?

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A friend ordered it… Sucked. Apparently. I am not exactly familiar with how it sucked, but I know he threw it out after about a week. There are complaints here.

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@Ivan Not as advertised, apparently.

@dverhey What’s wrong with Vince the Pimp?

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Also, with regards to the Snuggie: I don’t think it’s particularly bad invention.

Just, my robe works so much better.

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Chia Pet. It’s just so ugly.

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The “Pet Rock.” but I loved mine . . . a lot . . . still have it . . .

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@Grisaille I wish Billy Mays was still alive to fight Vince the Pimp to the death. Battle of the pitchmen…

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@dverhey Billy Mays was the man, man.

Out of the four celebs that died that week, I actually felt for Billy Mays and his family. I caught a few episodes of his show Pitchmen, and he seemed like a down to Earth guy who loved what he did. Personable, kind, and good at his job.

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Well, the Snuggie has made millions, so I’m not sure how you are defining worst.

For me the absolute worst invention was the alarm clock. Do I need to explain why?

tyrantxseries's avatar

Illegal Drugs,Guns,Bombs, The media, Paparazzi, Laws that help Stupid people, Twitter, Celebrities, and so on…

Tink's avatar

Doesn’t do much anymore, oh and those lighters that you have to roll the little switch to enflame shit

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

@tinyfaery oh definitely not by the millions it made…lots of gullible people will buy things…
i mean useless

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Not exactly the worst, but the art of useless invention is chindogu.

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

@kevbo wow I’ve never heard of this but I love it

kevbo's avatar

There are some hilarious books on the subject, but it looks like it might have a home online, too.

I’m adding chindogu to my areas of expertise.

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I have to agree with the Pet Rock, I mean really…

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For my actual answer, I’m going to go with God.

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The Snuggie?...Oh, you mean the WTF Blanket.

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cha-cha-cha-chia scoobie doo head

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I disagree with whoever is saying “Chia”. I loved that when I was little.

I own Shamwow and although the ad exaggerates, it’s still a pretty good cloth.

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I saw an infomercial for hair bumps. You put them in your hair to create that stupid huge bumps that people think actually look good. Just an awful invention if you ask me. Making everyones hair ugly.

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@DominicX That was me! :)

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I love my snuggie. Don’t judge me.

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Personalized steak branding irons

Maybe not worst, but probably one of the most useless inventions ever.

The_Compassionate_Heretic's avatar

The nuclear bomb was the worst invention ever created.

dannyc's avatar

The word “Awesome”.

Jayne's avatar

The car alarm. Would have been useful for about ten years after the Model T came out. Not so much after that.

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the pug. it is an ugly abomination of a dog, and what’s worse, people think they are cute.

Ivan's avatar

Pugs are cute

DeanV's avatar

Yeah, I kinda like pugs…

Tink's avatar

I have a pug!!!!!

Grisaille's avatar

Pugs fall into the “Oh-my-God-that-is-one-fugly-dog-but-I’ll-be-damned-if-he-isn’t-cute-because-he-has-no-idea” catagory.

Aethelwine's avatar

@Grisaille I was so going the “fugly” route. You beat me.

Facade's avatar

(on a serious note sorry yall) I’m going to have to say the relaxer
I hate what it did to the mindset of black people

Grisaille's avatar

@Facade Why’s that? You mean the product that makes your hair less frizzy?

I can sorta understand what it may have done to the mindset, I suppose. One of my exes would not walk out the door if her hair wasn’t super straight.

If you’re saying that relaxer makes those with frizzy/nappy hair feel obligated to use it, I guess I can agree. But hey, if they just want straight hair, can’t really argue there :P


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@Grisaille I can argue. But I don’t have the time.

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I just found this. Kitty Wigs. meow

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Any of these.
I don’t think an explanation is needed.

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Why are they doing that to the poor cats? :[

Pussies have enough hair.

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Worst invention ever? Easily the Clapper. Can you imagine what it would be like during a thunderstorm?

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@shadling21 that page is plenty enough reason to despise religions that enact tortured confessions of heretics. Christianity anyone?

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@evelyns_pet_zebra If people didn’t have religion as an excuse to torture each other, they’d just come up with some other rationalization for it.

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Lurve to Kitty Wigs and Ramen Noodle Fan.

I think plastic. I know it is wonderful stuff, does a myriad of tasks and all that, but wow, isn’t it just ruining the planet!!! I can go so far out into the bush, places where you think another human may never have been, only to find a disposable diaper and plastic bags and bottles.

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Truck Nuts. I have no words to describe how idiotic they are…

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@rooeytoo I’m with you on the plastic, there is enough already, and what help is recycling if they will just melt it down and create more.

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Microsoft, internet explorer

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@digitaljesus: Ugh, I’d forgotten about those. They just scream “I drive this to make up for my small penis.”

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chewing gum, it’s annoying and disgusting…

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@ekans, I just went to that link and I saw they had NASCAR branding irons!!!!! Yay!!!!!1

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super slicer?

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