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What is the best brand of diapers?

Asked by dogs12345678889 (1points) July 13th, 2009

i have a baby doll that poops and pees for real and i need to know what kind of diapers to use

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This is for a toy? I don’t think you need name brand diapers. Just go to the toy store and find diapers for that doll. Or if you can’t do that, just buy some cheap diapers at the grocery store.

Fluther is confusing me today.

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Wait, what?

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@Likeradar : Yeah, that’s what I thought.

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I use Depend Fitted Maximum Protection Diaper. No major embarrassments in public yet.

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Try Tinkle Trappers . Perfect for the fake baby on the go.

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This can’t be real, right? A doll that does real poo and pee??

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For the older set, Attends work well, I am told.

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