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Are there any non allergenic dogs?

Asked by Laffite (10points) December 9th, 2006
Friend of mine loves dogs but is highly allergic to pretty much all dogs and cats that she has come into contact with.
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There are quite a few. I know a Wheaten Terrier who is quite hypoallergenic (because he has hair instead of fur) and is also a wonderful dog...
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A bichon frise is hypoallergenic for the same reason. Also, my pit bull hasn't caused any of my very allergic friends to react, probably because she has very short hair and doesn't shed.
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Poodles, and the designer breeds based on poodles (cockapoos, golden doodles, etc) are hypoallergenic.
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Old English Sheepdogs.. (the shaggy dog)
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terriers, esp. poodles and tibetans.
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Poodles, or any dog that has hair rather than fur. And poodles are incredibly smart!
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Sorry to derail, but what's the difference between hair and fur?
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And why do some dogs have it and others don't?
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My maltipoo/cockapoo has hair, doesn't shed, so is good for people with allergies-- and I was at the dog run the other day and someone said they had gotten a Labrapoo (I guess labrador and poodle) because they are the best for allergies
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Hair grows out of one follicle and keeps growing where fur grows to a length and falls out. Dogs with hair don't grow a winter undercoat and shed it. They do, however, have to have it cut. that's the trade-off. incidentally the labrador-poodle mix is called a labradoodle...which is way funnier...and they're amazing. Down side is these designer breeds are expensive.
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it really depends which part of the dog your friend is allergic to. my father is allergic to the fur and so we have bichons and poodles because they have hair instead. many people however, are allergic to dogs' saliva which obviously runs in every breed.
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there are many such hypoallergenic dog breeds like Bichon Frisé, Schnauzer, Yorkshire Terrier, Bedlington Terrier, Shih Tzu, Poodle, Italian Greyhound, Basenji, Chinese Crested and the best one is Samoyed. Vetmedin for Congestive Heart Failure in Dogs is the best medicine. Make your pets safe from diseases.

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