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I need a new guitar for metal band what is a good one for under 500?

Asked by chris1002 (19points) July 13th, 2009
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i was thinking an rgexfm1 from ibanez and a b-52 stack and the 100w head

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got pics?

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Go with the iBanez. I friend’s dad owned one and I LOVED it. It was so much better than my Behringer…

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Just stick with something that has double humbuckers, and a brand name. At under 300 bucks there’s not gonna be a whole shit ton of difference in them.

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Ibanez has some good ones. You can get some Gibsons that cheap, too. If you’re going with Gibson, I think you can get some model of the Flying-V for around 500.

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B.C.Rich guitars , ESP guitars .
Sadly you havent gave enough information to give you direct names of guitars .
I personally wouldn’t buy that Ibanez since really what you are paying for is the damn finish

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