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If you're spending a Saturday relaxing at home, do you get fully dressed w/ makeup & all?

Asked by BBSDTfamily (6834points) July 13th, 2009

I like to stay in pajamas… but just wondering if that is normal!

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Nope. Don’t even shower.

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I don’t even wear makeup or get fully dressed if I know I’m not going anywhere.
Edit: but I still shower

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I shower, put my hair up and put on shorts and a tank top and relax. No makeup! If I am forced to head out the door, I may put lipgloss on, but that’s it!

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Hell no.

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Depends. I work from home a lot and I’m one of those weird people who likes to dress nice when I’m down or tired. So sometimes I’ll dress up all fancy and then work in my computer even though no ones watching me

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@mirza Fluther is always watching…

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Absolutely not. I’d probably shower, but then change into some crappy ass clothes and not bother with putting in contacts or doing my makeup.

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I love staying in my pajamas as long as I can. I usually don’t wear makeup, so that is not an issue for me.

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I usually put makeup on anyway because it is just my routine and if I don’t do the same routine everyday I get annoyed for some reason. I am little weird. I wear nice comfy pajamas though. It is nice to feel comfy.

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Youd be lucky if you catch me in clothes at all….

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I sleep naked, so I can’t “keep” my pajamas on. I guess I could keep them off. I’ll usually shower, just to feel nice and crisp and fresh, but then I put on my comfy pants or shorts and a tank top. I don’t own makeup, so that’s not an option.

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I’m like @jonsblond. I don’t wear makeup, and love being in my pajamas. I don’t like going out in public in them, but I don’t mind being out front or in the backyard in them…which is usually what I wear when I go outside with my son.

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I do not shower or wear make-up, in fact a perfect leisurely Saturday would include not even getting out of bed!

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I jam in my jammies.

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I don’t get the naked at home thing, especially on a hot day if you have leather furniture.

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I shower EVERY day. I can’t imagine not. That’s just gross to me. But if I know I’m not going anywhere, the hair & make-up does not get done.

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Nope, but i do take showers though, i would usually watch a movie in my jammies and eat popcorn and just mainly hang out and chill..:)

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I shower everyday…usually at night after working out.

I never wear makeup…even when I’m out in public with people.

Clothes optional :) I like wearing my robe when I’m home relaxing.

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I prefer a nice, long tub bath with a good book, followed by a t-shirt and shorts to cover the bathing suit bits (so as not to kill my children with embarrassment or turn them to stone if they accidentally catch a glance of my nakey-ness). Otherwise, the only time I wear makeup is on stage or in front of the camera, and the only time I dress up is…Thanksgiving, maybe? Or one of those theatrical awards ceremonies actors are always coming up with so they can dress up.

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I like to put on my Pope outfit. It’s especially fun wearing that hat—I forget what they call it. I tend to go into the bathroom and make faces at myself in the mirror. But that’s just me.

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Only difference between a stay at home day and a going out day for me is a bra. I rarely wear make-up, I always wear comfy clothes, and my hair is pretty much always in a pony-tail… so the bra is the only difference!

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@augustlan So if I steal your bra, does that mean you won’t go out? I do believe it’s time for a panty raid!

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@augustlan That is so true! If someone knocks on the door my sons better answer or I make a mad dash to the bedroom to throw a bra on.

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@daloon lol4rl

@jonsblond I find that strategic crossing of the arms will suffice for door opening duties. :D

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@augustlan I always find a stack of newspaper that I was “supposedly” putting away when they knocked.

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Depends on my mood actually. Sometimes I love just lounging and looking like a hot mess with my hair in every direction. But I also sometimes like to shower, get all cute and whatnot, just for the hell of it.

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reason #4654 that cats are better than humans: cats will not file an indecency report just because i’m not wearing pants
pajamas it is until i have solid plans to leave the house. if someone is coming over, that’s a different story. i will usually put forward the effort to put on running shorts or something, a bra, and a shirt that isn’t covered in cat fur. usually.

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I usually get washed and dressed in baggy, comfortable clothes but I certainly don’t put make up on. I use those days to let my skin breath.

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Ok, now I’m having a little trouble. I’m imagining all you beautiful fluther women running around without bras on (shirtless, or not). Hoo boy! My hands are itching!

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I have one on, but I can sure take it off…...... ;-)

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lol, that’s one benefit of having small boobs, it’s not a travesty if I’m braless. (Also perhaps the added benefit of youth…I’ll enjoy it while it lasts)

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@discoinferno Yay for small boobs!

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@discoinferno, another benefit of small breasts – I have about 25 years on you and it still isn’t a travesty if I’m braless.

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@SuperMouse Depends on what you think a travesty is!~ ;-)

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I’ve always been told anything over a mouthful is wasted anyway. ’-)

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@all of the small breasted

I would trade with you in a heartbeat. My husband would mourn the loss, but I certainly wouldn’t!

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i don’t wear “outside clothes” unless i’m going out. my goal is to be comfortable as possible. i will probably take a shower, and may or may not put on clean clothes, or may just stay in the ones i wore to bed.

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