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What nice thing did you say or do today?

Asked by nikipedia (27692points) July 14th, 2009

I woke up to a couple of really nice emails this morning that made me smile and am hoping to find a chance to pay it forward. Would you like to play along? Won’t this be a fun game?

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You’re currently balancing out my nefarious acts. Keep up the good work.

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I woke up in pain which put me in a kind of bad mood. I’ll say please and thank you to the pharmacist who gives me Vicodin later.

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I just woke up, but I didn’t curse the world when I realized my father was still home.

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I pat Hazelnut (the dog who lives in our flat) on the head and gave her a skritch or two behind the ears. She likes that.

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Went down to the courthouse and finally got my ex girlfriend cleared (I hope) of false charges that had been placed against her almost a year ago. Been trying to clear her name for the past 7 months. Not sure yet, but I think that was the last step.

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Just to be in the presence of others is nice enough.

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I haven’t seen anyone except my daughter so this is the best I can do so far. She is having a particularly bad day as she is very tired after vacation. Throwing herself down on the floor and crying for no particular reason. Not tantrums, just obviously way too tired. Instead of getting frustrated and mad, I got down on my knees and held her tight and told her it was ok, we all have bad days and it will get better. Poor little bug.

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I made a few cups of tea for some of my colleagues today at work.

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I called my girlfriend (who is at work 190 miles away and not very excited about it) and left a v-mail singing a couple of lines to her and telling her about how I am a goofball because I showed up for tomorrow’s a.m. appointment today. She called back to say it put a smile on her face.

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@Supacase – Aw, the poor little mite! But you’re there with love and hugs! Lurve.

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Today is a “nothing I do is good enough” days :(

I allowed my son to get a wooden birdhouse today, because I knew he’d get a kick out of painting it. Hopefully once we’re all finished, the birds will actually use it. He was so proud to walk all around the store and shopping center with that birdhouse.

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Woke up to find my new sis-in-law sitting in my living room. First time I’ve ever met her. She’s from the UAE and was awaiting her visa over a year after she married my bro. I looked at her and said “Welcome to America!”.

what!?? Not original enough?

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I’ve been giving off carbon dioxide which plants need to survive.

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I said good morning to a co-worker.

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I bought my husband deodorant. Although this may seem like a nice shopping gesture, it was a bit selfish on my end. He never informs me that he has run out, instead he just uses mine (which is very tropical). I know i have to purchase him some more when I discover armpit hairs stuck to my stick.

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@jamielynn2328 – that’s pretty funny. My husband dared to do that once, never again. There is always a backup on hand!

Nice? I told my son how important he is to me and thanked him for being 6. Yesterday was a very trying day with him, he was bored, so he was into everything. I’m not very mobile, I’m still recovering from surgery – so it was a bit annoying fishing him out of so many things. I told him that yesterday was over and today is a new day.

He gave me a huge hug and thanked me for being older. :)

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I was walking down the side walk in town and saw an older woman struggling to park. It took her a few minutes and then took her a few minutes to get out of the car. I got to her meter before she did and put money in it for her. She thanked me, I just waved.

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Actually I kept my mouth shut.

It worked out pretty well.

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@Blondesjon sometimes, that is the best option!

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I met a clerk in a convenience store today who was prior military and I answered several of his questions regarding his eligibility to re-enlist in the armed forces.

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I passed my dental check up with a good report; I took some edging stones off the hands of a person who had some left over (; I just gave my Grandson a credit card in his name in case of emergency on his upcoming trip.

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I took my kids to WalMart, after saying all day that I wasn’t going to (too sore, too broke, etc.). I let them browse independently and spend a little of their own money. They were very happy. :)

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I smile at everyone I meet, even if I am not feeling my best. I try to do something nice everyday, even if it is just directing some lost motorist that winds up at my gate (this state is notorious for blocking major roads for construction and not leaving enough detour routes to get traffic flowing right again). Sure, being helpful is part of my job, but it is often the best part. I like being able to do good things for folks on a daily basis. It gives my life meaning.

I also get to talk to truckers on the phone who come to Big Green to pick up dealer equipment, and I try to make them laugh if possible, as I know that driving several hundred miles a day can be quite tiresome.

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I’m still working on it, as today is not one of my good days, lol. But letting my kids stay at my inlaws for a week would make all of us happy. :-).

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