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Is there a program I can use to connect a Razr phone to my laptop?

Asked by Foolaholic (5801points) January 5th, 2008

I recently discovered that I am in possession of USB to USB chord that happens to fit the tiny USB port on my Motorola Razor V3. I’d like to be able to plug it into my laptop (IMB) and import files, but i don’t have a program to recognize the phone as compatible hardware. Anyone know a program I can use?

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I’m gonna piggyback on this question if I may. (Sorry if it’s not – you can flag me I suppose.) I have a LG flip phone with Bluetooth, and a laptop that has Bluetooth capabilities. Can I sync those as well? – Again, sorry for piggybacking….

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yes and its free with limited use or you can buy it. It works great with any phone that you have I used it with my razr and three other phones friend needed me to access.

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I’ve seen Motorola Phone Tools at Best Buy for around $40. Depending on what carrier you have you might want something different. For instance, if it’s a newer Verizon Razr you might want their VCast software which is available at Verizon stores which will allow for some syncing fuctions with the VCast software and so on.

As far as the LG phone goes, that depends on whether your phone supports that function and what software you’re running.

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If you have the V3m from Verizon, good luck. I have it and have had the hardest time getting it to work. It will work, though. But, the only things I have been able to do, without hacking it, are charge it through usb and add music files. The music files you add can only be used as song files, and not ringtones. Their software won’t let you add your own custom ringtones, even with Motorola Phone Tools. Verizon wants you to use VCAST for stuff like that.

So, if you don’t have Verizon, you’ll probably be fine buying the Phone Tools software. Otherwise, you can hack it (just google razr v3m and you’ll eventually find out how to do it), thus voiding your warranty or you can be happy that you have a slim phone that looks cool.

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Just to clear it up, I’m using the phone on a cingular/AT&T plan.

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then phone tools is definitely the best “non-hacking” way to go.

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