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What is a good teen chat room?

Asked by boredascanbe21 (2points) July 14th, 2009

i really am bored, and would like to talk to some teens. i’ve been to ebaumsworld, and it’s not very good. i want something safe and easy.

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What kinds of discussions are you looking for (what maturity level)?

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Depends what kind of teens

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i’m 16 and i have the maturity level of a 18 year old.

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Guy or girl?
Dude or Dudette?

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18 year-old’s aren’t necessarily very mature…

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i am a dudette, and saturated brain, that’s true but i am mature. FYI.

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If your on the iPhone whoshere has lots of teens

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@Ivan You shootin for a job as a mod suck up?

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Are you looking for one for teens or about them?

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