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Have you come across any information that seems to challenge or overturn any widely held notions?

Asked by lloydbird (8730points) July 15th, 2009

On your travels through life, or through the beautifully vast amounts of readily available information that we, now, have available to us, have you come across any (Out-of-the-way) information, alleged or otherwise, that you would like to share? Ideas that grip your interest and move you to think deeply about them.
Ideas that you feel would be of more general benefit or interest if more widly known.
By way of a ‘starter’, I would like to offer the notion of ‘The Aquatic Ape Hypothesis’ with regard to human origins.

p.s I tried to illustrate this with a link, but didn’t quite manage it
But please don’t let that put you off looking!.

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I just came across a possible one in another question. Young men should not enroll in the military because they might get killed. The truth is far more young men are killed on the streets of the US than ever killed in the military, and homicide by gun is one of the leading causes, with auto collisions the other one.

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For further clarity, I should add that I am looking for ideas that challenge ” Widely held misconceptions”!

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I like this question. Like how most North Americans thought tomatoes were poisonous in the early 1800’s. I’m excited to see what people write. I can’t think of any right now.

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It actually doesn’t hurt anything at all if you take a wooden nickel.

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Milo here: All cats are not grey in the dark.

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Some of the plants we call weeds are potted and sold for actual cash in the garden stores.

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There are exceedingly few neuropsychological functions which are not directed by both cerebral hemispheres meaning that there are no specific logical and creative sides to the human brain. Evidence of this can be found amongst most research performed on brain lateralisation.

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I apologise for encouraging an off-topic discussion but might I inquire as to whether my comment above contained poor grammar? I am being continuously provoked by the thought that my grammatical skills have been declining recently and am hoping that someone can give me some clarification on the matter.

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@Nially_Bob : You might, indeed. All seems fine. If you want to really pick some nits, purists (about 10 left in the world) would argue that “There are exceedingly few neuropsychological functions which are not directed” calls for “that” rather than “which.”

Restrictive clauses vs. non-restrictive clauses, if you’re still awake.

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@gailcalled Thank you Gail. Having been raised by two of the remaining ten I often find myself playing the pedant. It’s gratifying to know that others can confirm when such needlessly excessive self-criticism is being applied :)

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@Nially_Bob: And we could always discuss the passive voice, if you’re not asleep yet.

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@gailcalled My sincere apologies, I completely overlooked the link you offered initially but have now granted it greater attention. The different application of restrictive and non-restrictive clauses is something I have never came across previously but is something I shall take into account in future circumstances.
Although my attention’s waning I can always spare some energy for a commendable articulator. Feel free to enlighten me with your thoughts on the passive voice :)

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@Nially Bob:
I am putting myself to sleep. (Is your name Irish? I see you use “amongst.”)

Circumloquaciously yours, Gail

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@gailcalled Then I hope we can continue this discussion another time my friend.
Yes, my name is Irish and it’s pronounced ny-ul (as with the river Nile) should you be interested.
Have a pleasant rest, Niall

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@lloydbird: We are challanging the widely- held notion that discussing language, its usage, its idiocyncracies and its purpose is no longer interesting to many of the younger generation, speaking of “huh?”.

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Astronauts in space shuttles float around because Earth’s gravity is so weak in space. I came across information to challenge this widely held notion when I was 23.

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Visit—it’s essential for getting the facts behind urban legends and wacky memes.

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