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Is my cat a dryer sheet junkie?

Asked by tinyfaery (43029points) July 15th, 2009 from iPhone

He goes crazy when the clothes come out of the dryer. To keep him away from messing with the clothes I give him the used dryer sheets to snuggle with. First he justs roll around and rubs his face and hands on it. But, if I try to take it away he gets really mean and lashes out at me. He then goes back to rubbing all over it. If the other cats get near him he lashes out at them, as well. Sometimes he gets so mean I have to take it away.

This seems like drug abuse behavior. What’s up with my boy?

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Your cat is seriously on overdose.
I would say he might like the way the clothes smells.

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@Fred You got that app?!!

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Our cat Skywalker tries to eat them. He digs in the garbage looking for discarded dryer sheets. We’ve come to where we putting them in the garbage outside. Every once in awhile he’ll find one that we missed and I’ll happen upon it on the floor all wet. I’m sure it isn’t good for him plus he could choke.

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I’ve never heard of that before but I have seen cats who are really determined to get to their owner’s catnip stash. I had a friend who kept catnip in an empty tub of margarine and one day one of his two cats gnawed through the tub and managed to spread all the catnip all over the carpet and was rolling around in it, in a daze of catnip junkie bliss. I don’t know if it qualifies as kitty addiction, but this cat was not to be deterred in getting his fix.

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@tinyfaery- What I find peculiar is that your cat has hands.

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@tinyfaery You have awesome pets.

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Possible health risks

None of this stuff is good for humans, and the same is true for pets. The Merck Veterinary Manual warns that cationic detergents, which are present in fabric softeners and dryer sheets, can cause a variety of problems for animals ranging from minor irritation to widespread systemic distress and pulmonary edema. Bounce’s own product literature cautions pet owners to keep dryer sheets away from animals to avoid accidental ingestion.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic – I was just going to say that, I know they have killed dogs that have eaten them, so I don’t think I would let the cat have them just in case!

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So cute! What brand do you use? My cat doesn’t seem to pay any mind.

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The dryer sheets have already gone through the dryer. I don’t think there are many chemicals left on them. And I am always around when he has them, so no danger of choking; he never puts them in his mouth.

@AstroChuck Yes. He has little man hands. At least that’s what I call them. = ^. .^ =

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That disgusting artificial perfume smell doesn’t come from your local roses…think laboratory. I grow many clumps of catnip outside; fun on nice days and really easy to dry and crumble.

Would you spray air freshener on your cat? The best toys are live mice; let me know whether you want any. Send SASE.

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I agree with tink1113 I think your cat might like the smell of the sheets.
As for being vicious…..I guess he’s protective of it for some reason. I have no idea what that might be but, I don’t recommend rewarding him in any way for lashing out at people or other cats.

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