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Know of other sites like Academic Earth?

Asked by lilgiraffe (283points) July 16th, 2009

Where one can listen to academic lectures on different topics.

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How about – It is an AMAZING site. I waste so much time there its not even funny.

Basically they have professors, scholars, and experts in all kinds of different fields, give lectures on just about any topic imaginable. The idea of the site is pretty much to just share really interesting ideas and information to anyone who is interested in hearing about them.

It should be right up your alley.

PS Im in no way affiliated with – i just love the site!

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I’m trying to find the link, but I do my classes online through community college and I have to watch lectures through Penn State University. Let me try to find the link, but there are dozens of lectures!

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you can get similar content through itunes U, from inside the itunes store. don’t know if it has a website though.

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