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Putting pyjamas under/behind the pillow?

Asked by aiwendil (561points) July 17th, 2009

I put the pyjamas I’m using under or behind my bed pillow when I’m not wearing them. For some reason I was under the impression that it was a common practice. My boyfriend, on the other hand, thinks it’s really strange that I store my sleepwear there.

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I put my pajamas under my cat when I’m not wearing them.

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What pyjamas? ;)

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Well, that sounds weird to me. But, I’ve never heard of anyone doing that before.

I put them on the floor. Or the laundry basket.

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My cat wears pyjamas..hence the expression. He sleeps in them and then on them. I launder them.

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I don’t think thats weird, hence comming from someone who puts on their socks before jeans. I just throw my jammies next to my bed. I always have, always will…

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I’ve heard of/know people who do that. My grandmother being one of them. I, however, lay them at the foot of the bed or hang them on a hook inside the closet door.

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@Allie- That’s a relief, even if it’s not common, at least it’s not bizarre. After my boyfriend pointed out how strange it was I was wracking my brain trying to think of someone, anyone that also did that. Someone other than my parents that is, since I picked it up from them.

@Tink1113- I think I went through a phase where I put my socks on before my jeans, I think it had something to do with wanting the socks to be tucked under the pant legs all nice and flat. Or something like that…

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I hang mine on a hook now, but when I was a child, after making my bed, I would put them under my pillow. I stopped doing that in middle school, though.

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@aiwendil I don’t know why I do that, my feet just don’t like how jeans feel for some weird reason :P

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@aprilsimnel and @Allie- I feel so silly for not thinking of other places to put PJs. I kept thinking, “Where else would you put your pyjamas, but in your bed?” But the hook in the closet makes sense too. xD

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I put them under my pillow when I make my bed. They definitely go at the head of the bed even if I don’t make it, and my whole family does the under-the-pillow thing. I had no idea it was a strange thing to do either!

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I used to love doing that when I was younger! There was a picture book the title of which escapes me about a sleepy time bear.
That’s where the bear’s sleep wear was stored, and of course I followed suit.

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I’ve never heard of that before. Why behind the pillows?

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you people are weird…wearing clothing to bed…weirdos!

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic- I’m not really sure. It’s convenient, since that’s where you sleep. Just reach behind the pillow and there you have it. Plus, it’s all hidden away.

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When I was growing up, that’s what my mother preferred us to do, put them under the pillow. Now, I hang them on a hook in the bathroom.

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@Facade Is is Commando Day. Remember? =]

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I hate pyjamas, i like baggy boxer shorts and an undershirt and they go in the wash each day, I want clean ones after I shower and am ready for bed.

I know, really sexy. When men start wearing frilly, lacey things to bed, I will consider changing, until then, comfort comes first!

Sleeping naked means washing the sheets more often, I would rather wash the clothing than rip the bed apart and do the sheets all the time.

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@rooeytoo- I don’t wear fancy things to bed. Right now it’s a pair of boxers and Dad’s old Pearl Harbor T-shirt. “Pyjamas” just means the stuff you sleep in, to me. Doesn’t have to be a cami and flannel pants set or anything.

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Haha when I meant my “jammies” I didn’t mean pants/long sleeve set, it’s too hot for that.

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My grandmother taught me to put my jammies behind the pillow. Now I am too lazy so I just set them on the bed.

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I used to do the same, back when I wore anything to bed. ;)

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Lots of people keep them under the pillow. I don’t wear any, so I don’t.

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My grandma always put her gown under her pillow. Usually I don’t mind if mine are tossed across the bed, but when I want the house to look perfect I still put mine under there. It gets them out of the way while leaving them in a convenient spot. My husband thinks it is weird when I put his under his pillow though, so I understand what you’re going through. :)

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Alcoholism and pajamas don’t exactly mesh. I normally pass out with a plate of mac’n cheese on my lap and my shoes on my feet.

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@ryanpowell: Better than vice versa, I guess.

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@Allie unfortunately i can’t participate this week :( but i hope you did!

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@Supacase- That’s how I am. I only put it there when I make the bed or am cleaning. But, I’m glad I’m not alone. I’ve gotta tell him I’m not odd now. :)

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What do you mean by “when I’m not using them”?? Like when you are naked for a little while having sex? While you’re wearing another pair? What does that mean? If your stash of pj’s are under your pillow yes that’s wierd. If you stash them there (1 outfit at a time) while you temporarily take them off, no that’s understandable.

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@BBSDTfamily- After I get dressed in the morning I stash my PJs under the pillow. So, when I’m not using them is during the day.

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Ahh I see. Do you wear them more than once in a row without washing?

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I do… now, don’t tell me there’s something wrong with that too! I take a shower at nights. I’m clean when I put them on…. Erg, now I’m afraid of sounding scummy. o.O

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@aiwendil I wear mine more than once too!! :) I don’t think it’s odd, it’s not like you’re doing anything in them like cooking or walking around outside or exercising, how could they get dirty? Especially pj pants. In the summer I’ll change my pjs more often than in the winter. Whenever I feel like they got sweaty or every 3ish nights in general. In the winter though? Whoo! I’ll wear my fave (meaning warmest!) pjs till I do laundry again. :D

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@aiwendil You don’t sound scummy, and although your pajama ritual is quite different than normal I don’t see anything wrong with it.

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I don’t wear anything to bed, but I do keep shorts and a shirt by my bed, so if one of my roommates comes in I can get clothed quickly!

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