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What hair color do they put on the driver's license of a bald man?

Asked by Protagoras (135points) January 6th, 2008

Don’t you think it’s kind of silly to put hair color on identification cards, since it can be changed or removed so easily?

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The color of his eyebrows?

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Probably his previous hair colour.

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Or invisible.

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I am basically bald, but I do still have enough hair on the sides and neck to identify myself with a hair color. What you do if you are shaving your entire scalp is another story I just state “grey” and hope for the best.

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I think they actually put “bald,” or some variation thereof.

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And yes, it is silly. Lots of ID stuff is silly. US Customs inspectors are often highly comedic. It’s hilarious when they observe that you’ve changed your hair style since your ID picture, with a tone of voice that suggests it’s suspicious.

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Poser is correct, “bald” is a haircolor for ID purposes.

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So, the DMV’s Ruby template for displaying hair color would look like this?

( hair.exists? ) ? hair.color : 'bald'

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I would think that if they are young (like maybe the person is going through depression and its just a temporary thing and the hair will grow back), they would put the natural hair color of the person, but if they are older, my guess would be just “bald” or another variation of the word.

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