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Can you help me with an experiment?

Asked by Ansible1 (4841points) July 19th, 2009

I’ve recently learned an interesting fact, maybe it’s common knowledge for other people i’m not sure. This supposedly applies to every man and woman: on a man’s hand his index finger is shorter than his ring finger….and on a womans hand, her index finger is longer than her ring finger. Can you help me verify this?

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My index finger is shorter than my ring finger.

Edit: I’m also not a lesbian.

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Mine are exactly the same length.

I’ve also heard that lesbians’ index fingers are supposedly shorter than their ring fingers, with straight women being the opposite way…

Edited to say I’m female. And kinda gay. :)

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Left hand: Index finger is quite a bit shorter than my ring finger.
Right hand: Index finger is a teensy bit longer than my ring finger.
Weird. I’m female, btw

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Both of my index fingers are shorter than my ring finger.

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I’m a woman, and my ring fingers are both longer than index. Although it’s interesting that on my right hand they’re almost the same, but on the left hand it’s significantly longer.

My husband’s ring fingers are also both longer.

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On my left hand my ring finger is longer. On my right hand, they’re the same length.
And I’m a woman in case my pictured confused you

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Both of my index fingers are longer than my ring fingers.

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My left index and ring fingers are the same length. My right index is slightly longer than my ring finger.

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My index fingers are both shorter than my ring finger, the left ring finger seems longer than my right. Note: I am a woman.

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I hate to break it to you, but it’s not true at all. There have actually been quite a few fluther questions relating to the issue, surprisingly. I can try to find them if you’re interested.

There’s also a weak link between people who don’t fall into the pattern of what you said (I think) and them being homosexual, but it hasn’t been proven. Something about the index-to-ring finger ratio anyway.

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My indices are shorter than my ring-fingers. I’m a lady. I have a boyfriend, not a girlfriend.

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why are people clarifying that they aren’t gay, I didn’t see that in the question

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@casheroo: Read my last answer.

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They’re mentioning their sexuality because it may matter.

My ring fingers are longer than my index fingers, and I’m a lesbian.

Edit: as long as people aren’t just defending that they’re straight, it’s an interesting concept.

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I am male and on both of my hands, the ring finger is longer.

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I am male and can corroborate.

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@monsoon Link isn’t working.

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my ring fingers are shorter then my index fingers on both hands (female – straight) My husbands ring fingers are shorter than his index fingers on both hands (male – straight!)

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Since my ring finger’s longer on one hand, does it mean I’m half a lesbian? because that be kind of accurate lol

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@Facade: LOL! me too, to both!

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Thought I might clarify that both of my index fingers are shorter than my ring fingers.

While I have kissed a girl, I’m not really attracted to them. I also have no desire to “defend” myself as straight. But that’s partly because I don’t really believe in such definitive terms as “gay” and “straight” anyway. So… My general beliefs might make this experiment kind of hard, I guess. :D

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@La_chica_gomela I should have assumed, but didn’t see it in the question so didn’t answer that part.

Just to add, I’m not a lesbian and have never been with a woman at all. Not that I don’t find them attractive, I do, but nothing ever came of that.

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Wow, both my ring and index fingers are the same length. I am a lesbian and I guess I now know that I am well-hung to boot . . . LOL

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@casheroo: No, I don’t think you did anything wrong. I mean, you’re right, it wasn’t in the question. Also, I think I might have added that part to my answer after you were already writing your own answer.

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I’m female and both my ring fingers are longer.

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I’m a woman and my index is slightly shorter than my ring finger!

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Both of my ring fingers are longer than my index fingers.

I guess that makes me a whole lesbian.

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I’m female, and both of my ring fingers are longer than my index fingers.

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I’m @Fly‘s mother, and both my ring fingers are also longer than my index fingers. Hereditary?

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I’m a woman, both of my ring fingers are longer than my index fingers.

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Sorry my link didn’t work, just google sexuality finger length or something. Copy and paste doesn’t work on my computer right now, maybe another fluther question will come soon as to that.

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I have female parts I guess so I’ll answer
both of my ring fingers are longer than my index fingers
but this must be because i hate gender

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Woman: longer ring fingers than index fingers.

And, on the question of statistics, I suspect that whoever answers this will not do it for a real statistical sample.

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Both index fingers shorter than ring fingers.
I’m a man (straight).
btw most flutherers are gay, so apparently this is not the right place for such statistics.

Oh and I was actually thinking about this today: I’d never heard of fingers until now, but of toes. My middle one is longer there too.

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

@Jack79 how do you know most flutherers are gay?

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir just look at any thread lol…especially the one you just answered with the dolled up vs au naturel women. Half the answers are from lesbians. Not to mention all the men that didn’t bother answering because they’re gay. According to my most recent calculations, I must be the last person here to never have at least been aroused in the presence of someone with the same set of genitals as myself.

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Female, index fingesr longer than ring fingers.

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This is true for both my husband and me.

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

@Jack79 yeah I still don’t think so

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Female, both ring fingers longer than both index fingers.

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Left hand: Ring finger and index finger same length.
Right hand: Ring finger longer than index finger.

I am left handed, if that matters.

Another experiment you might want to research. Supposedly, the distance from the end of a man’s middle finger to where he can reach with that finger to his palm is the same length as his erect penis.

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My index fingers are both shorter than my ring fingers. (I’m a guy).

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male, longer ring fingers
@Jack79…perhaps that speaks more about your genitals than it does about you?

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@whatthefluther are you implying the only reason I’m not gay is that no man would want to sleep with me or that there’s something wrong with me getting turned on only by women? I honestly don’t think so. There have been gay men who made passes at me, but I just can’t even imagine ever going in that direction, and of course there have been hundreds of girls who have liked me (and even more whom I have liked) regardless of whether anything actually happened. There’s plenty of people outside fluther who still consider heterosexuality “normal”, believe it or not. (this conversation reminds me of Futurama episodes)

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I think there is a large population of gay flutherers. Not that its bad, I think it’s funny actually.
@Jack79 ahh, I can’t think of the episode. I have it on the tip of my tongue but I can’t remember the exact one.

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Male, heterosexual, both of my index fingers are LONGER then my ring fingers, by about half a nail bed.

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@casheroo there’s many, like when Bender has to drink alcohol to survive and water harms him, or when Zap blasts the Neutrals and accuses Lela of neutrality, or plenty of others like that.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra I heard that too… Can we start that as a new thread? I can just imagine all the male flutherers sitting at their computer trying to work this out, I reckon their partners wouldn’t believe they were getting hard just for research!! ;o )

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@evelyns pet zebra, but wouldn’t that mean it’s only as long as the middle finger? Can’t be.

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I also heard that a mans penis is the length from end of little finger to thumb stretched across is the lenght of erect (which makes more sense) and inger bent to palm is docile! ??

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@Jack79 I think you’re over-estimating the number of non-hetero folk on Fluther.

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Straight with vag:
Both ring fingers are longer than index

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Lesbian, with both of my index fingers longer than my ring fingers.

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