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What makes a good sales man?

Asked by tilc (126points) July 19th, 2009 from IM

How can I be a good sales man? I was working as a sales assistant for 1 year, now I step forward to be a sales junior. I want to be very good. Please advice me!

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It is best if you sincerely believe in the product line that you are selling.

Work on hearing what your customers need and get it for them. Not on shoving stuff on them.

Figure out who your best customers are and look for new customers in that same niche.

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Be loyal, follow-up and don’t over-promise. Do what you say you will do – then if you can deliver more, do it; however, don’t promise something you now you have very little chance of being able to deliver, in the first place.

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Don’t be annoying ; )

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Treat the customer exactly with the following, never relenting on this exact formula: respect, earnest desire to help, and do exactly what you have promised, every day to your best ability, with every customer no matter how bad you are feeling that day. Always smile and realize we all desire to be loved so never take complaints personally, sometimes they are your best window to success, if you try to improve,

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A good salesman actually sells himself to the client. Once the client loves you, you can sell them just about anything.

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@Zendo is right, you are selling yourself, or, more specifically, your knowledge and your character. You must convince them that you understand the product, can accurately assess their needs and can match them to the right product at the right price….and doing so with honesty and integrity. The client comes to you with a void to fill and you are their expert in filling that void. If you respect your clients and perform in this manner, you will have clients for life. If you don’t know your product, try to con or oversell, you may sneak some by, but most will see through it and you’ll never enjoy repeat sales to dedicated clients who would gladly refer others to you. See ya….wtf (my initials)

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Being able to build an emotional connection with his or her (potential) customers.

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Be polite but not fawning.
Listen closely to what people say they want (or don’t want).
Make suggestions and provide information but don’t overload people. Let them tell you what they need or want.
Never, ever refer to someone’s wife as “the wife” or “the missus”. Never condescend to women, it will always piss them off. You should not condescend to men either, but too many times, as a woman, salesmen have presumed I did not know things or would not understand “technical stuff”. Grrrrrr.
Oh, yeah, listen and smile.

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A good salesman, hmmm.. well take it as a customers perspective, what do they want in a salesman? Non-pressuring, not annoying, does not show crazy face if they tell you they are just looking, nice, helpful, and most of all I think a good salesman treats a customer with highest respect regardless if they are buying or not.. I am in sales, and i always treat my client as potential buyers regardless.. So yeah always treat them with respect :)

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