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How do I pair my iPhone with my iMac with Bluetooth?

Asked by bhec10 (6457points) July 21st, 2009

I have an iPhone 3G (OS 3.0) and an iMac (Leopard OS 10.5.7) and would like to know how to pair these 2 devices with a Bluetooth connection from the beginning.
I would really appreciate your help!
Thank you in advance :-)

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Without knowing what iMac you have I can’t say if it doable. My iMac doesn’t support Bluetooth. Yours might not too.

Go into Applications/Utilities/ and fire up Bluetooth File Exchange and see if it give you a error.

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I connect a Nokia phone, a bluetooth headset and a wireless Mighty Mouse to my MacBook Pro.
If you have built in bluetooth the procedure should be simple as can be,

First – make sure the bluetooth icon is present in your menu bar: go to System Prefs. > Bluetooth > and click “Show Bluetooth status in the menu bar”
Second – make sure bluetooth is switched “ON” on both the computer and phone, and that they are discoverable.

Then you can go ahead and set it up: go to the bluetooth icon in your menu bar and select “setup bluetooth device” from the dropdown menu. The wizar wild guide you through some steps and you’re done.

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You can’t do much.
iPhone doesn’t support the file transfer that @Inofaith is talking about.

I’m pretty sure you can’t use it like a microphone.
You can’t sync music/contacts/apps/anything with it (no iTunes, syncing is wire only)

@johnpowell Most, if not all, post 2006ish Macs have bluetooth

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Try adding your iphone to iSync

its supposed to update contacts and calenders

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Bluetooth on the iPhone is right now only good for connecting to a headset. All syncing is done either through iTunes with a USB connection or via WiFi through MobileMe (awesome) or a Microsoft Exchange server.

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