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How can I fix my own dishwasher, which is not draining all the way?

Asked by susanc (16134points) July 22nd, 2009

23-year-old Maytag washes dishes fine, but also pukes a pool of water out onto the kitchen floor. And after I empty out the (clean) dishes, I find an inch of (dirty) water sitting there.
Can’t seem to see a drain. Might be something stuck in it. Any ideas?

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Do you have a vent on the sink? Pull it up and out and rinse it out, they get clogged sometimes which causes the dishwasher water to go backwards.

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The water on the floor could be from the seal being faulty or falling apart from age. You could check it for wear.

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Ask Bri_L, who just reinstalled one at his house. Look here.

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I second @hhh. Not sure about the leaking, but pulling off that little stub cover on top of the sink, unscrewing the top and cleaning that thing out does wonders.

Love & hugs.

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If you can find the hose that drains the water out of the dishwasher (ours is under our sink, but you might need to pull out your dishwasher to find it), make sure it doesn’t have a kink in it – that can keep the water from draining completely, which in turn can make it leak in places that it wouldn’t otherwise. Good luck!

We just bought a new house, and the first time we ran the dishwasher, there was a huge puddle on the kitchen floor – pulling the hose taut so it didn’t kink solved all of our problems!

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Thanks, all. I don’t have the sink stub. Bri_L told me to slide the dishwasher out of the cabinet and find the drain. I’ve gotten as far as finding the drain hose’s other end, and I rammed a snake up (or down) it from the p-trap end, to no effect. It seems very long, it twists and turns under the sink. I haven’t slid the dishwasher out yet because there’s been too much company. I find this very daunting. I am a big baby.

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@susanc Do what I do, enlist the help of the company. My last guests helped me put an out door table together. It was actually fun, we got in each others way, jokingly argued about which piece went where. It was all fun.

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