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Can you switch between iPhone apps?

Asked by Krazykat (74points) July 23rd, 2009

I just got an iPhone recently and if I am in an app and go out to read a text message I have to go all the way back in. Is there a way to go from one app to another without starting over? For example, if I am in fluther and I get a text message and reply to it, do I have to click on the fluther app again or is there a way to switch between apps?

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There is no way to instantly switch between apps. You have to re-launch the app. As I have many screens full of apps, I’m finding it quicker to do two clicks on the home button to get to the search screen, and using that as my app launcher.

Certain apps will remember where you left off, others will always start at a home screen.

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No but you can get a laptop and not have to type on a 3 inch screen. But that’s not as frustrating so you probably wouldn’t like it.:)~

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I am still trying to understand why anyone in their right mind would use the Fluther app iinstead of keeping a Safari page open for it. You can have up to 8 Safari pages open on your iphone, you know.

I decided to do this after realizing all of the limitations of the Fluther app. For one thing, you can’t click on liinks which other people put in their posts. I found that very frustrating.

Also, I have never been able to post a question using the Fluther app. It just disappears, never to be seen again. Again,, very frustrating. They need to update it or something.

Try it in Safari. You may be much happier.

And, as mentioned previously, some apps like games and such do preserve where you are; others don’t.

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GA @Buttonstc, I hate the craigslist app too. I just add the link to my homepage, that’s as good as an app. for me

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Capt_Bloth Hey, great minds think alike. I used to do the exact same thing with CL until I decided to just leave an open Safari page cuz I needed that space for another app.

I have become such an appoholic it is truly pathetic. All of mine are totally free and I have another thousand or so parked in my itunes. I get them when the devs drop them temporarily to free and keep them around just in case. How pathetic is that?? :)

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Nope, there is no way to do this, beyond switching to the mini Music application by double-clicking the round button. This is by design – the iPhone/iPod Touch only has a certain amount of memory available, and I believe there could be some issues regarding security of applications running concurrently.

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@Buttonstc yeah all my apps. are free too, I don’t have very many though. Thanks for the advice, I will keep my eyes open for temporarily free ones, thanks.

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BTW There are several apps which provide a listing. But the absolutely best one is called Pandora Box. It gives a daily listing of all the price drop apps both free and otherwise. In another ssection is a list of new apps, both free and paid. Devs drop prices temporarily for all sorts of reasons. Some just want to get more reviews. One guy dropped the price for a week on all his apps to celebrate the birth of his son and others offer new apps free for a limited time only.

ANY holiday provides a whole bunch of opportunities, some related to the specific holiday and some not. Most of the free opportunities only last for a day or two, so I check Pandora Box every day.

There is another one called App Sniper which is prob the only one I will eventually buy because it allows you to list specific apps in which you’re interested and let you know if they go on sale.

I’ve also tried a few others which are supposed to do what these two do, but they are basically a waste of time and the info is not as thorough as Pandora Box.

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@Buttonstc thanks for the Pandora Box advice

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Yes you can if you are using version 4.0 on your g3s or iPhone 4. All you have to do is double click the home button.

I hope that’s help.

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