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I'm going to Mallorca, Spain in a week. Any suggestions as to what to do there?

Asked by LanceVance (645points) July 24th, 2009

I know some Spanish, but not much of their culture, cuisine. I don’t think it’s much like Mexican, or is it?

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Enjoy the sun and watch out for tourist traps.

It is nothing like Mexican. It is before anything touristic and more European.


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What I meant with Mexican was the cuisine. Is it alike?

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I don’t think so.
Actually in my memory, it is Mediterranean. Think of a mix between Greek, French and Italian. A lot of seafood and olive oil. With of course a lot of Spanish influences.
For instance, see:

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This might help you:

Don’t forget to take sunscreen with you, the temperatures are very high :-)

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Stay away from swine flu breeding grounds e.g. crowded parties sharing buckets and glasses. Go to calmer areas in the north east.

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