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How long should Ubuntu take to install on an old Compaq?

Asked by bluemukaki (4332points) January 8th, 2008

It’s been going for hours…! The Compaq is from the late 90’s, huge hunk of crap… but is running Windows 98 which keeps crashing paint.

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try Xubuntu. we had a computer at work we were putting Ubuntu on and it never completed. Xubuntu didn’t have the same problem. I’m not really an Ubuntu guy, but from what I understand, Xubuntu is a trimmed down version that works a lot faster.

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I’m an Ubuntu guy and I think Xubuntu is right for your machine. I’ve installed Xubuntu on an old Dell 500mhz laptop and had to wait many times when it looked like it was frozen.
Make sure you run a disk diagnostic like Spinrite on your hard drive. When your hard drive is as old as it is, it could cause slowdowns. If you get Xubuntu installed run fdisk -

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It shouldn’t take that long. I’ve heard of some bug that would make your install last really long without actually doing anything, which could be solved by disabling your internet connection.

I’m a Xubuntu guy myself, and it’s definitely not just a “stripped down version of Ubuntu”. It’s quite a different approach, more options, more focus on cleanness and, yes, faster. You might still want to give it a try :)

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Oh, btw, you might want to check to see if your problem is a bug.

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xubuntu is just ubuntu with Xfce ( a windows manager, which makes the interface – buttons, gui and stuff).
I wouldn’t recommend it in your case as Xfce needs a more powerful desktop.

I would suggest using fluxbuntu. Thought it doesn’t look great, it will run smoothly on your config.

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No no no!

I own a pc refurb charity, and dudes, xubuntu is not the way.
Use the Ubuntu “alternate’ cd. Not the livecd.

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