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Fluther compared to other services?

Asked by AlisonatVark (7points) July 28th, 2009

How is Fluther any better than Aardvark?

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I’ll tell you how it’s better than KGB, since I’ve never heard of Aardvark; KGB probably has the same response times and reliability that Fluther does, but KGB costs money. I think it’s like $2.99 per question that way.

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Fluther is infinitely sexier.

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Ya, and KGB drives those overly-decorated Toyota Yaris cars in their commercials

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Aardvarks can’t talk. Fluther is full of humans! :-)

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Fluther gots the power to sting ya!

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Aardvark depends on the size of your network and, as listed, says that you will get (on average) 2 answers to a typical question with 6 people contacted. Fluther is open to a much wider community so you aren’t limited to the few people that might know about your question. Most questions get significantly more answers than 2 with the added benefit that discussion of the answers allows for greater depth.

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Fluther is a really great place to get questions answered. It is a small but very loud and active community. The first online community where you will remember users names. It is full of bright people that would love to help you. Just a great place to learn from others.

Also that live answer feature
is a great feature that keeps the discussion alive. You wouldn’t need to refresh all the time if your waiting for a new answer.

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Looks like it’s an interface difference. We answer here in the aggregate and they answer via whichever IM/chat service you want to use.

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Welcome to Fluther! Here, your question is sent to many, many people… not just the people you know or the people that they know. However, I’d say what really makes the difference is the live interaction with a community of bright, insightful, helpful (and let’s not forget funny!) people. Stick around awhile and find out! :)

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And we raffle off a free Ford Taurus every Thursday night at nine p.m.

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You pay shipping.

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As well as all applicable federal, state, and local taxes.

offer void in IL, MA, MN, IA, WA, TX, RI, and MI

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@Blondesjon @Grisaille good one. Of COURSE that’s incorrect, @AlisonatVark. We would never try to make anyone on this site accept a cruddy Ford; We give away Toyota Corollas.

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fred why do you hate america

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I am inclined to agree. Love it or leave it Fred931.

Love it or leave it.

In your foreign car.

That get better gas mileage and runs better than anything Ford has put out in…

what were we talking about again?

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I dunno. But I’m heading to the corner store for some beer.

* hops in Ford F-150 *

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Oooh. Grab me six of Sapporo.

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